How To Get BeenVerified Free Trial

Looking to try out Been Verified’s identity verification services for free? In 2024, they are offering a free trial to new customers. This allows you to test their advanced background checks, identity monitoring, and other verification tools risk-free before committing to a paid plan. Follow our step-by-step guide to easily claim your been verified free trial.

BeenVerified Free Trial Guide for 2024

How To Get Been Verified Free Trial

Getting Started

  • Visit the Been Verified website at
  • Click on the “Try for Free” button in the top right corner
  • Enter your email address and create an account password

Claiming Your Been Verified Free Trial

  • On the pricing page, select the “Free Trial” option
  • Enter your payment information (this is to verify your identity, you will not be charged during the trial)
  • Complete the checkout process to activate your 7-day free trial

Using Your Free Trial BeenVerified

  • From your account dashboard, you can now run unlimited background checks and identity verifications
  • Test out features like criminal records search, social media scans, address history lookup, and more
  • Explore the mobile apps and browser extension for on-the-go verification

Making the Most of Your Trial

  • Run comprehensive background checks on potential dates, employees, tenants, etc.
  • Monitor your personal identity to detect any misuse or privacy risks
  • Utilize the deep web scanning to look for exposed personal info
  • Take advantage of the 24/7 customer support if you have any questions

UBeenVerified pgrading After the Trial

  • If satisfied, upgrade to a paid monthly or yearly subscription at the end of the trial period
  • Pricing starts at $22.86 per month for the basic “US Data” plan
  • Higher tiers like “People Data” add additional verification tools and data sources

BeenVerified offers one of the most powerful identity verification and background check services on the market in 2024. Their free 7-day trial allows new users to fully test out the platform’s capabilities before subscribing. Be sure to make the most of this free trial period by running checks, exploring premium features, and deciding if Been Verified is the right fit for your personal or professional verification needs.

Here are some questions about the Been Verified free trial along with answers:

How can I maximize the Been Verified free trial for business purposes?

During the trial, run background checks on potential employees, contractors, tenants, and any other individuals your business deals with. Verify their identities, check for criminal records, and uncover any potential red flags before hiring or doing business.

Can I check my own background during the free trial?

Yes, you can absolutely run a full background check on yourself using the Been Verified trial. This allows you to understand what information is publicly available about you and monitor your own identity.

What is the difference between the free trial and the paid plans?

The free trial gives you full access to all of Been Verified’s features for 7 days. Paid plans provide ongoing, uninterrupted access plus additional data sources and capabilities depending on the tier you choose.

How far back do Been Verified’s background checks go?

Their criminal records searches can uncover convictions from an unlimited time period in the past. Other records like addresses and aliases typically go back around 10 years.

Can I run a background check on a business entity during the trial?

Yes, in addition to individuals, you can also verify businesses, organizations, and corporations using Been Verified’s company search tools during the free trial.

Does Been Verified monitor the dark web during the trial?

Yes, dark web scanning is included, allowing you to check for exposed personal information, credentials, or identities being bought/sold on black markets.

How do I request customer support if I have issues during the trial?

You can contact Been Verified’s 24/7 customer support via phone, email, or live chat from your account dashboard, even while on the free trial.

Do I need to re-enter my payment info if I subscribe after the trial?

No, if you initially provided valid payment details to verify your identity, those will remain on file for an easy subscription upgrade after the trial period ends.

What is the difference between an identity verification and background check?

Identity verification confirms an individual’s legal identity and cross-references public records. Background checks take this further by screening for criminal history, financial issues, and other public records.

Are sex offender registry searches included in the free trial?

Yes, you can run national and state-level sex offender registry searches as part of Been Verified’s background check capabilities during the trial.

Can I save or export the reports I run during the free trial?

Yes, any background check, identity verification, or scanning report you run can be downloaded, saved, printed or shared during the trial period.

Do I have access to the mobile apps and browser extension on the free trial?

Absolutely, you can test out Been Verified’s mobile apps and browser tools that allow on-the-go identity monitoring and quick verification lookups.

How secure is the data and information I access during the trial?

Been Verified uses industry-leading security practices like encryption to protect user data. Your personal details and search activities are kept private.

What add-ons or upgrades are available after the free trial ends?

Been Verified offers data add-ons like premium background checks, continuous identity monitoring, and enhanced dark web scanning for an extra fee.

Can multiple people use the same free trial account?

No, the free trial is intended for individual use only. Each person needs to sign up separately to access and test Been Verified’s services.