BenQ TH585 vs Optoma HD146X – Which is the best and Why?

When it comes to using projectors for educational or business environments, you have to choose the best from the options considering the features and functionality. In today’s review, we discussed the comparative features of BenQ th585 vs optoma hd146x to help you choose the best projector without compromising your limited budget which is a product of two different brands.

BenQ TH585 vs Optoma HD146X

BenQ th585 vs optoma hd146x Both are two interesting products that come with some different and identical features. These relatively affordable products are rich in great features including high brightness i.e. ambient light, vibrant picture, built-in speakers, integrated WiFi, and easy portability.

These lamp-based projectors will give you the best experience to provide a larger image in your home or theater room as well as an educational or business environment. These lamp-based models are impressive for being able to stream from Netflix, YouTube, and more, as well as for maintenance or notable features.

If you want to experience the best with your budget within $1000 then BenQ th585 vs Optoma hd146x is ideal and suitable for you. However, To get a complete idea before purchasing, take a closer look at our review where the details of the different and identical features of the products, as well as the advantages and disadvantages, are discussed.

BenQ TH585 vs Optoma HD146X Comparison Chart

SpecificationBenQ TH585 ProjectorOptoma HD146X Projector


BenQ TH585 1080P Home Entertainment Projector
Optoma HD146X Projector
Display SystemDLPDLP
Item Dimensions12.3 x 4.3 x 8.9 inches12.4 x 4.3 x 9.5 inches
Item Weight6.15 lb6.15 lb
Native Resolution1920 x 1080 pixels1920 x 1080 pixels
Supported ResolutionsWUXGA – 1920 x 1200WUXGA – 1920 x 1200
Projected Display Size60-300 ”28 – 301″
Lamp-lifeup to 10,000 hours15,000 hours
Max Brightness3500 Lumens3600 Lumens
Contrast Ratio10,000:125,000:1
Aspect Ratio16:916:9
SpeakersYes (Mono)Yes
Speaker Power10W3W
Wireless LAN / Wi-FiNoNo
Keystone CorrectionVertical: ± 30°Vertical: ± 40°
Light SourceLampLamp
Operating Temperature32 to 104°F41 to 104°F
Color Wheel6-Segment (RGBWYC)6-Segment (RYGCWB)
Color Depth10-Bit10-Bit
Number of colors1.07 billion1.07 billion
WarrantyLimited 3-Year WarrantyLimited 1-Year Warranty
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What Are the Differences Between BenQ TH585 vs Optoma HD146X Projector

What Are the Differences Between BenQ TH585 vs Optoma HD146X Projector


Optoma hd146x vs BenQ th585 Both are lamp-based projectors but they have different designs. The Optoma hd146x projector is designed in such a way that new technologies are added in a great way. Coming with Dynamic Black technology, this product measures 12.4 x 4.3 x 9.5inches which is quite standard for your office or home theater. It also weighs only 6.2 lb so it is not difficult to carry if needed.

On the other hand, BenQ TH585 has won the hearts of most customers with its impressive design and functionality. This aesthetically designed projector measures 12.3 x 4.3 x 8.9 inches which are about the size of an optometer. With proper management and maintenance, its built quality can provide you with great results

Qualified analysts prefer Optima HD 146x considering the great design and feature holding capacity although both products are justified according to personal preference and demand.

Brightness and Image quality

A special way to select the quality of the projector is to check its brightness. In this case, the brightness of Optoma hd146x vs BenQ th585 can be compared with some differences. Although the two projectors come with similar resolution power, their maximum brightness capacity is 3600 and 3500 lumens respectively.

The difference isn’t too much but the Optoma hd146x projector is ahead in terms of margins. Also if you compare the contrast ratio you will see that BenQ comes with a capacity of 10,000: 1 and Optoma 25,000: 1 which means that Optoma hd146x is more efficient to display images in actual format.

While high-brightness models are preferred, it is up to you to decide which one you will feel comfortable with, but advisors prefer the Optoma hd146x for a clearer vision in bright light.

Efficient performance at different levels

These projectors show different performances in terms of image quality, brightness, and a contrast ratio that we have already discussed. Although differences in the degree of their features are observed, both projectors prove to be of the best performance by serving great colors as well as serving great colors in dark rooms.

The BenQ th585 projectors are capable of adjusting the keystone vertically up to 30 degrees while the Optoma hd146x is capable of adjusting the keystone vertically up to 40 degrees which makes a difference in their performance. There is also a difference in the minimum noise level, in this case, the noise level of Optoma HD146X and BenQ th585 is 26dB and 35/29 dB respectively.

Most users put the Optoma HD146X projector at the top of their list of favorites considering the type of feature or functionality. However, there is a lot of demand for BenQ th585 due to necessity or personal preference. Because they do not differ much in terms of performance.

What Are the Similarities between BenQ TH585 vs Optoma HD146X Projector

What Are the Similarities between BenQ TH585 vs Optoma HD146X Projector

Although different brands or models, both projectors come with several identical and functional features to provide the best performance, which is briefly discussed below:

First of all, if we consider the issue of native resolution, you will notice that both the projectors come with a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels. Also if you ask the question with the highest supported resolution you will get the same answer, they are both WUXGA – 1920 x 1200 supportable.

Secondly, the feature we find is that the projection system of both the machines is DLP which is more efficient for high performance. In addition to the DLP Projection System, these projectors bring the 3D feature to display better images or videos.

In addition to these key features, there are some basic features like Speakers Adjustment, Manual Focus, Lamp Light Source, Color Depth, Number of colors, and many more, which make the projectors attractive to the customers.

BenQ TH585 vs Optoma HD146X Projector – Pros and Cons

BenQ TH585 Projector


  • It can project images or videos of 60 to 300 inches in the ratio of 16: 9.
  • Can be easily and quickly installed.
  • Great for gaming as well as Blu-ray, video, and HD broadcasts.
  • Easy operation with remote control


  • Lack of smart TV functionality

Optoma HD146X Projector


  • A combination of more effective features at an affordable root.
  • Great color precision for clear display.
  • Full HD with 3D support capability.
  • Can be easily installed.
  • Light in weight so comfortable to carry.


  • Shortage of HDMI port
  • Weak quality of onboard audio
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Final Verdict

BenQ TH585 vs Optoma HD146X Both projectors are amazing in terms of budget and image quality which helps to enhance the quality of work of your office or home project. These projectors display very nice and bright enough images. Although we have given high priority to Optoma HD146X among these projectors in terms of quality, none of them is inferior in terms of efficiency.

If you want to enjoy the display of these projectors with a perfect image or have a great experience, order online without delay and share your real experience with us. Hopefully after getting ideas from comparative reviews your decision to choose the right product will be easier.