BenQ TK800M vs TK850 – Why BenQ TK850 Is the Best?

Nowadays, everyone who craves for a new and immersive audio-visual experience at home mostly invests in a home cinema projector. As per some reputed projector manufacturers and sellers on the traditional market, a considerable number of people, while buying a home projector, said that they no longer enjoy the flat or curved TV experience.

BenQ TK800M vs TK850

Indeed, the remarkable evolution of modern technology has made numerous things possible that one would have never imagined. Now, you can spend weekends with your near and dear ones watching your favorite movies, TV series, and live sports like never before when you bring home one between BenQ TK800M vs TK850 home theatre projector.

A premium-quality image and video projection device allows users to view games and enjoy an innovative and unmatched viewing experience. Even many people use BenQ TK850 for official presentation purposes. Many individuals find it challenging to make a choice between BenQ TK850 vs TK800M because both are the current best-selling BenQ TK850 4K projectors.

Keep reading to become well informed about the essential features of BenQ TK800M and TK850 models. You will also discover the prime similarities and differences between these two projector variants. You should spend money on which projector model will be pretty clear when you have valuable information. So, without any further delay, let’s delve into it.

Noticeable Features BenQ TK800M Projector

  • TK800m is equipped with 4K video projection technology
  • It is a DLP technology-enabled projector model, which helps enhance the resolution and picture quality
  • Lower input tag on TK800m makes gaming more enjoyable
  • Comes with a high contrast ratio
  • Packed with 3000L of exceptional brightness
  • It features an all-glass 4K-Optimized lens array
  • Accessories that accompany this projector are remote, lens cover, power cord, etc.

BenQ TK850 Projector

  • Inimitable 4K Ultra High Definition resolution makes TK850 stand out.
  • Projects detailed and true-to-life images as it is HDR-PRO supercharged.
  • It is equipped with a modern and one-of-a-kind cinematic color technology.
  • BenQTK850 offers a highly immersive sports or gaming experience because it features CinemaMaster Audio+2 and dedicated sports modes.
  • It consists of 10 elements crystal lens array
  • TK850 comes with 3000L of notably high visual brightness
  • It is easy to set up owing to the 1.3X big zoom and increased lens shifting aspects.

BenQ TK850 vs TK800M 4k Projector Comparison Chart

SpecificationBenQ TK800MBenQ TK850 Projector


BenQ TK800M Projector
BenQ TK850 Projector
Item dimension10.7X13.9X5.3 inches18.8X15.1X7.7 inches
Item Weight9.20 pounds9.3 pounds
Max Resolution4K UHD resolution4K UHD resolution
Peak Brightness3000 Lumens3000 Lumens
Dynamic Contrast Ratio10000:130000:1
Throw Distance2m –7.32m0.75m – 9.76m
Color Performance996% color performance98% color performance

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Differences Between BenQ TK800M vs TK850 Projector

Differences between BenQ TK800M vs TK850 Projector

Hopefully, by now, it’s probably evident to you that the two most noteworthy differences between TK800m vs TK850 are their dynamic contrast ratio and the range of the projected image. Read the below-mentioned section thoroughly to become aware of all minor and major differences between these two home cinema projector models from BenQ.

When you clearly understand all dissimilarities between these top-rated projection devices, you will automatically know which specific projector model can best meet your requirements. So, here’s how these two are different from each other.

Users’ Segments

Compared to the TK800M, the TK850 model consists of more features that come with the significant help of users. Especially if you are one of those individuals who enjoy binge-watching web series, movies, and sports shows, BenQ TK850 will be worth every penny.


Both BenQ TK850 and TK800M offer exceptionally high brightness of 4K 3000 lumens. However, the TK850 projector variant projects more detailed and fine images during dark scenes. TK800M is known for having 8.3M clear-cut pixels, which deliver exquisite 4K UHD picture quality. When it comes to the TK850 model, you should know that the 8.3 million definite pixels offer 4K Ultra High Definition image quality, which is sharper and more realistic than its counterpart.

Dynamic Contrast Ratio

When it comes to the dynamic contrast ratio, there is a difference between BenQ TK850 vs TK800M. The former has a 30000:1 contrast ratio, while, the latter comes with a 10000:1 contrast ratio. TK850’s HDR brightness is instrumental in seamlessly expanding the contrast range for top-notch image and video quality while HDR is in active mode.

Color Performance

While testing and comparing both of these well-built home cinema projector models, we discovered that the TK850’s color performance is marginally better than the other variant, TK800M. The color performance of the former model is 98%, whereas, the latter comes with 96% color performance. Also, TK850 features DCI-P3 color space technology.

Picture Mode

There’s nothing to deny that the picture mode for BenQ TK800M is exclusively designed for those who love watching sports like football. It is equipped with advanced DLP technology that improves image quality and resolution to a significant extent. Still, more people these days invest in BenQ TK850 because it consists of full-dedicated sports modes.

Viewing Experience

In comparison to TK800M, the other variant offers a remarkably better viewing experience to users. TK850 allows users to view crystal clear and sharp images in the dark because it features Dynamic Iris and Dynamic Black address. Also, auto color mapping, besides auto-tone mapping, offers eye-catching projector-optimized HDR10 content.

Installation Flexibility

A user experiences hardly any difficulties while they set up the TK850 projector model. It’s not the same in the case of the other variant. BenQ TK850 is known for possessing 1.3X gig zoom with 100” image projection, while, TK800M has 1.1X zoom and the same image projection as its counterpart.

Aside from all the aforementioned differences between BenQ TK800M vs TK850, the throw distance of TK800 is longer than TK850, the fan noise of which is notably lower.

Similarities between TK800M vs TK850 4k Projector

Similarities between TK800M vs TK850 4k Projector

BenQ is the manufacturer of these two productive home theatre projector models. So, it is quite understandable that both boast many similar attributes. The price at which BenQ TK 850 is available on the market is more than BenQ TK 800M’s cost. The latter is the best 4k projector under 500. However, both have the below-mentioned similar aspects.

  • Ben Q TK800M and TK850 offer 4K Ultra High Definition content support.
  • Both feature supercharged HDR10 and HLG support, which play an instrumental role in the remarkable enhancement of digital content.
  • BenQ has designed both these projector models to offer users an immersive and peerless sports enjoyment experience.
  • Both have the luminous flux of 3000L high brightness that’s amazing in the daylight and bright rooms.
  • The hardware surface of TK850 and TK800M is HDMI apart from both featuring the same mounting type, which is ceiling mount.
  • These two BenQ projectors are equipped with innovative and modern DLP technology, which enhances resolution besides the quality of the projected image, which is sharper, more detailed, and realistic.
  • TK850 and TK800M users can easily enhance the contrast and optimize the HDR brightness for more crisp and detailed images.

Pros and Cons of BenQ TK800M vs TK850 4k Projector

BenQ TK800M Projector


  • Extraordinary brightness enables users to enjoy sports events irrespective of the ambient lighting
  • Full glass 4K optimized lens array that has an improved light penetration, which boosts sharpness and clarity
  • BenQ TK800M projects 4K UHD image quality.


  • Low dynamic contrast ratio

BenQ TK850 4k Projector


  • It comes with an auto zoom and focus system that helps project images with consistency and excellent clarity.
  • BenQ TK850 features a 10W chambered speaker, which improves sound quality significantly and makes the movie/series watching or streaming and gaming experience incredibly immersive.
  • It has dedicated sports modes and which is why many regard it as the best 4k projector under 2000.


  • The image throw distance is shorter.
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Final Verdict

You will definitely reap advantages if you invest in the TK850 projector model from BenQ. Its exceptionally high brightness and high dynamic contrast ratio give it the edge over its competitors.

We have highlighted everything that we wanted you to know before you make your final decision. We are pretty much sure that TK850 will be the best buy for your money. So, do not anymore; head to a reliable digital marketplace and buy it now.