Finding the Best Ceiling Mount for Your Epson Projector

Projectors are great for turning any wall into a big screen for movies, presentations, or gaming. But they take up valuable table or shelf space. Mounting your projector to the ceiling frees up floor space and also positions the projector out of harm’s way.

What to Look for in a Ceiling Mount

There are several things to consider when choosing a ceiling mount for your Epson projector:


Make sure the mount is made specifically for your Epson projector model. The mount needs to match the width, depth, weight, and mounting holes of your projector.


Look for a mount that offers tilt, swivel, and extension adjustments so you can fine-tune the angle and position of your projected image.

Ease of Installation

Choose a mount that doesn’t require expert installation. Most ceiling mounts are designed for DIY installation and come with all necessary hardware and instructions.

Build Quality

You want a sturdy mount made of steel or heavy-duty aluminum that can safely hold your projector’s weight for years. Avoid cheap plastic models.

Cable Management

Models with built-in cable routing channels keep wires neat and out of view.

Top Ceiling Mounts for Epson Projectors

Best Ceiling Mount for Your Epson Projector

Here are some of the best ceiling mounts to consider for popular Epson projector series:

Home Cinema Models (1060, 1070, 2100, 2150)

  • Epson Adjustable Universal Projector Ceiling Mount – Epson’s official mount with all the necessary adjustments and cable management features. Easy to install and holds up to 30 lbs.
  • QualGear PRB-717-WHT – Sturdy, affordable mount with tilt, swivel, and height adjustments. Cable guides keep wires organized.
  • VIVO Universal Projector Ceiling Mount – Includes adjustable arms and 360° swivel. Can extend up to 19.5″ from the ceiling.

PowerLite Series (970, 975W, 990U)

  • Milestone AV Adjustable Extension Arm – Sturdy steel mount extends up to 30″ from the ceiling with +/-15° tilt and 360° swivel. Holds up to 50 lbs.
  • FLEXZION Universal Projector Mount – Aluminum mount with universal bracket fits most Epson projectors. Tilts up to 15° and swivels 360°.
  • Mount-It! Universal Projector Mount – Affordable but well-built mount with adjustable arms that extend up to 27″ from the ceiling. Easy cable management.

Pro Cinema Models (4000, 4040, 4050, 5000, 5040UB, 5050UB)

  • Peerless PRGUNV Precision Gear Universal Projector Mount – Heavy-duty mount rated for projectors up to 50 lbs. Offers tool-free micro adjustments for precision positioning.
  • Mustang MVP-PJP Universal Projector Mount – Sturdy steel construction with extension arm that reaches up to 21″ with +/- 5° tilt and 360° swivel.
  • Cheetah Mounts APMEB Universal Projector Bracket – Designed for larger venue projectors. Extends up to 40″ from the ceiling and can be angled up to 45°. Holds over 100 lbs.

Mounting Best Practices

Follow these tips for safely and easily installing your Epson projector ceiling mount:

  • Carefully measure room dimensions and projector specifications to determine ideal mounting location.
  • Use mounting anchors suitable for your ceiling type (drywall, concrete, etc).
  • Adjust projector position and use lens shift for perfect image framing before tightening mount.
  • Attach all cables and wires to the mount arms to keep organized.
  • Check that mount is securely supporting projector before completing installation.
  • Add a security cable as secondary fail-safe protection against the mount coming loose.

Get the Perfect Viewing Experience

The right ceiling mount pairs seamlessly with your Epson projector to deliver an immersive big-screen experience. With the projector lifted out of the way, you can enjoy movie nights, gaming sessions, and presentations without distractions and clutter. Just be sure to select a mount designed specifically for overhead projector installation with adjustable brackets for flexibility. With a little planning, you can install a ceiling mount yourself and start getting the most out of your Epson projector.