Top 7 Best Ceiling Mounted Projectors in 2023

A ceiling mounted projector can be a great way to create an immersive home theater experience. Mounting a projector on the ceiling above the viewing area provides a large projected image without taking up space for a TV or screen. When shopping for the best ceiling mounted projector, there are a few key factors to consider.

Benefits of Ceiling Mounted Projectors

Here are some of the benefits of choosing a ceiling mounted projector:

  • Larger Screen Size: Projecting onto a wall or projection screen allows for much larger screen sizes than a traditional TV. A 100-inch or larger screen is possible, for a true cinematic experience.
  • Flexible Placement: Since the projector is mounted overhead, you have lots of flexibility on where to place the screen or projected image. It doesn’t need to be centered on a wall like a TV.
  • Clean Look: With no projector taking up space in the room, the setup looks cleaner and less cluttered. The projector mounted out of sight gives a sleek, professional appearance.
  • Immersive Experience: A large projected image with surround sound can provide a thrilling, immersive experience for movies, sports, gaming, and more. It feels like being in a movie theater.
  • Adjustable Image: Ceiling mounting allows you to fine tune the image position, size, shape, and focus. You can easily make adjustments for the ideal image.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Ceiling Mounted Projector

There are several important factors to keep in mind when shopping for the perfect ceiling mounted projector:

  • Brightness: Projector brightness is measured in lumens. For well-lit rooms, look for at least 3000 to 4000 lumens. Darker rooms can get by with 2000 to 3000 lumens.
  • Resolution: Look for full HD (1920×1080) or 4K resolution for the best image quality. Higher resolutions like 4K provide extra clarity and detail.
  • Contrast Ratio: A higher contrast ratio means darker blacks and brighter whites. Aim for a contrast ratio of at least 15,000:1 for deep blacks.
  • Lens Zoom & Shift: Zoom and shift in the lens lets you fine tune the image size and position without moving the projector. Look for at least 1.1x zoom.
  • Inputs: Check that the projector has the necessary inputs and connections for your media sources, such as HDMI, USB, VGA and more.
  • Audio: Many projectors have built-in speaker systems. For better sound, look for a projector with at least 10W speakers or audio output to connect external speakers.
  • Warranty: A minimum 2 year manufacturer warranty provides peace of mind for an expensive AV investment. 3 years is even better.

Now let’s look at 7 of the best ceiling mounted projectors…

7 Best Ceiling Mounted Projectors in 2023

1. Epson Home Cinema 4010

The Epson Home Cinema 4010 is one of the best all-around choices for a high quality ceiling mounted projector. It delivers a bright 4000 lumen image, uses 4K enhancement technology for outstanding clarity, and has convenient lens shift for flexible positioning.

Key Features:

  • 4,000 lumens brightness
  • 4K PRO-UHD (3840 x 2160) resolution
  • 1,500,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio
  • Motorized zoom, focus & lens shift
  • HDR10, HLG, HDCP 2.2 compatibility
  • Full HD 3D capability
  • Built-in 10W speaker

With support for HDR content, deep blacks, excellent color accuracy, and razor sharp focus, the Home Cinema 4010 offers top-notch image quality for the price. Gaming mode provides reduced input lag. The 10W speaker provides decent audio for a built-in system. For better sound, connect it to your home theater audio system via the audio output jack.

This Epson model checks all the boxes for performance, ease of use, and convenience. For most home theater settings, the Epson Home Cinema 4010 is tough to beat.

2. Optoma UHD35

The Optoma UHD35 stands out for its superb 4K UHD image quality at a reasonable price point. With 8.3 million pixels on screen and HDR support, images look incredibly crisp, vibrant, and realistic. Bright scenes really pop thanks to 3000 lumens of brightness.

For positioning flexibility, the UHD35 has vertical lens shift and 1.3x zoom capability. Setup is easy with the vertical and horizontal keystone correction and four corner adjustment. Gamers will appreciate the ultra fast 240Hz refresh rate.

Integrated 10W speakers provide solid audio quality for music, movies and gaming. Connectivity options include dual HDMI 2.0, USB media playback, and MHL support. For the price, the UHD35 delivers exceptional 4K performance and convenience.

Key Features:

  • Native 4K UHD 3840×2160 resolution
  • HDR and HLG compatible
  • 3000 ANSI lumens brightness
  • 1.3x zoom ratio with vertical lens shift
  • Integrated 10W speaker system
  • 240Hz refresh rate for gaming

3. BenQ HT2150ST

BenQ HT2150ST Projector for Netflix

The BenQ HT2150ST is a short throw projector perfect for smaller rooms. The 0.6 ultra short throw ratio allows you to project a 100” image from just over 4 feet away. This allows flexible setup even in tight spaces.

Image quality is excellent with full HD 1080p resolution and 2200 lumens of brightness. The projector uses BenQ’s CinematicColor technology for rich, accurate color reproduction. Built-in 10W speakers provide decent surround sound.

For gaming, the HT2150ST has a 16ms input lag and supports the latest consoles like PS5 and Xbox Series X. Setup is easy with vertical keystone, 1.2x zoom, and lens shift adjustments. Overall, the HT2150ST is a versatile short throw model great for rooms both big and small.

Key Features:

  • 1080p Full HD resolution
  • 2200 ANSI lumens brightness
  • Ultra short throw ratio of 0.6
  • CinematicColorTM color technology
  • Vertical keystone and 1.2x zoom
  • Low input lag ideal for gaming

4. ViewSonic PX701HD

ViewSonic PX701HD Projector

With big brightness and built-in sound, the ViewSonic PX701HD is ideal for dedicated home theaters. 3200 lumens of brightness pairs with Full HD 1080p resolution to deliver vibrant, true to life images even in ambient light. Dual 5W speakers provide surprisingly robust integrated audio.

For positioning, the 1.3x zoom lens has vertical and horizontal keystone correction for flexible setup options. Connectivity includes dual HDMI, USB media input, and wireless projection from mobile devices.

The ViewSonic offers great performance and convenience at an affordable price. Easy setup features combined with powerful sound and bright HD images make this an excellent choice for home theaters.

Key Features:

  • 1080p Full HD resolution
  • 3200 ANSI lumens brightness
  • Dual integrated 5W speakers
  • 1.3x zoom ratio with lens shift
  • Horizontal and vertical keystone
  • Wireless projection capability

5. LG HU70LA

LG HU70LA 4K UHD Smart Home Theater Projector

This LG model stands out for its stunning 4K UHD picture powered by the brand’s Cinebeam Laser technology. The laser light source delivers rich cinematic color and 2500 lumens of brightness for vivid images.

For convenient control, LG includes both remote and voice control options. Use Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant to launch apps like Netflix hands free. Auto keystone correction and 1.2x zoom make alignment fast and easy.

Dual HDMI ports allow flexible source connections. Wireless screen mirroring lets you project content from mobile devices. For incredible 4K clarity in a sleek, user friendly package, the LG HU70LA is an excellent choice.

Key Features:

  • 4K UHD 3840 x 2160 resolution
  • CineBeam Laser technology
  • 2500 ANSI lumens
  • Voice control compatibility
  • Auto keystone correction
  • Wireless screen mirroring

6. Vankyo Leisure 3W

Vankyo Leisure 3W

The Vankyo Leisure 3W stands out for its combination of Full HD picture quality and loud sound at a budget friendly price. 2500 lumens of brightness and native 1080p resolution deliver detailed, vibrant images up to 300” in size.

Integrated dual 3W speakers provide better than expected audio for a projector. Use the SRS sound mode for an immersive surround sound effect. Convenient features include autofocus, auto keystone, and 1.1x zoom for flexible setup.

This Vankyo model gives you excellent performance for both movies and music. All at a much more affordable price than higher end models. If you want good sound along with a bright HD picture on a budget, the Leisure 3W is a great choice.

Key Features:

  • Full 1080p HD resolution
  • 2500 lumens brightness
  • Dual 3W speakers with SRS sound
  • 1.1x zoom and auto focus
  • Automatic vertical keystone
  • Project screen size up to 300”

7. AAXA P300 Pico Projector

If portability is your priority, the AAXA P300 pocket projector is the perfect ceiling mountable choice. Despite its tiny size, it can project a 100” image from over 9 feet away. The P300 weighs less than a pound, so you can easily mount it anywhere.

With 300 lumens of brightness, the native 854×480 resolution looks decent in darker rooms. Setup is easy with automatic vertical keystone correction. Connectivity includes HDMI, USB, and a headphone jack for private listening.

For ceiling mounting a projector in tight spaces like an RV, bedroom, or office, the portable AAXA P300 is a great option. Just mount it and start projecting.

Key Features:

  • 300 lumens brightness
  • Up to 100” image size
  • 854×480 native resolution
  • Automatic vertical keystone
  • Under 1 pound lightweight
  • HDMI, USB, and audio connections


Adding a ceiling mounted projector can take your home theater to the next level with theater sized projection. Models like the Epson Home Cinema 4010 offer outstanding overall performance, while options like the AAXA P300 provide ultra convenient mounting in tight spaces. Consider screen size, resolution, brightness, and sound to choose the perfect ceiling projector for your needs and setup.