5 Bomaker Projector Troubleshooting Guide

If you have recently started using a mini projector, you must be thrilled to find its immense versatile functions. In the case of brands, one of the most popular ones has to be Bomaker. It offers you great Bomaker projector troubleshooting tips along with great products. And so, you do not have to worry about your projector’s well-being as you always have professional tricks by your side.

It is pretty natural to come across a few common errors while suing any projectors. These can happen due to multiple reasons like connectivity or battery issues. In such cases, the Bomaker mini projector troubleshooting tips can help you get through these problems. And you do not have to think about replacing the gadget at all as these strategies are quite handy. Along with that, any user can refer to these troubleshooting tips as you do not require any professional expertise for them.

5 Bomaker Projector Troubleshooting Guide

Bomaker Projector Troubleshooting

1. Projector’s Light Is Blinking

If your projector light is continuously blinking, you need to refer to the owner’s manual first. It can help you to determine the exact meaning of this condition. However, some of the reasons behind this trouble would include the type of light. That means, if your power light is flashing green, the projector might be warming itself up.

However, if it is flashing orange light, it might be in standby mode or prepare to shut it off. If the projector’s lamp light is flashing red or orange, it can signify that you need to replace the light soon, or it may burn out.

Lastly, the temperature light flashing orange or red can mean that your projector needs immediate cleaning. It can also signify that it is overheating, and you need to remove any of the items that might be blocking the projector’s vents. As it is specific to the projector’s model, refer to the owner’s manual first.

2. Not Able to Turn On the Projector

Well, firstly, do not panic if your projector is not starting. Yes, it is natural to get paranoid if your brand new device fails to turn on instantly. It can happen due to multiple reasons. You can try some of the quick Bomaker projector troubleshooting hacks to restore the connection properly and run the device smoothly.

But before that, make sure that the projector is properly plugged within a functional outlet. Also, you need to check whether the temperature lights are working or not. Make sure that the device hasn’t overheated itself or shut down. In case you are using the remote control, check your batteries right now.

Also, it is essential to check whether the projector latches are all closed or not. You can again try resetting the projector’s lamp timer. And let it not remain in standby mode. The standby mode can also be the reason why you aren’t able to turn up the projector.

However, if it still doesn’t work, you need to refer to the brand’s customer services. And you can get the best services from the company without any stress.

3. Distorted Colors On Your Image

Do not worry about your new projector’s current condition as there can be many reasons why your projector shows distorted images on the screen. Hence, check the projector cables first.

It is one of the quick Bomaker projector troubleshooting tips that can fix the problem instantly. If not, then check the mainboard or the color wheel of the projector. In case none of these works out for you, refer to the professional services.

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4. Presence of Dots or Lines On the Image

Whenever you try to get your presentation on the screen, you can see a few dots or lines on the images produced. Initially, these remain pretty small, but they tend to increase in numbers pretty steadily if neglected.

In the majority of the cases, the main board of the projector causes this problem. In such a case, you need to seek professional guidance. However, if you want to save extra expenses, try buying a new device from this brand. And do not forget to refer to the best Bomaker projector reviews to get the best product for your benefit.

5. No Production of Images Even When the Projector Is On

You have been restarting the device plenty of times. But the images are yet to be shown on the display screen. It can happen due to connection problems. Commonly, the cables tend to get disconnected quite a few times, leading to such conditions. Hence, check your cables and their connections if your projector fails to display images on the screen.

However, if the cables are working fine, you need to check the lamp ballast unit properly. Or you might have to check the lamp itself. The ballast unit is the one responsible for providing power to the lamp.

And if it stops working properly, it might be why not getting images on the screen. Also, it can happen if the lamp is damaged or not functioning properly. Check it now and get it fixed before it disrupts any other functions of the device.

FAQs About The Bomaker Projector Troubleshooting

Q: What Should I Do If The Bomaker Mini Projector Produces Blurry Images?

You need to ensure that the projection distance is kept farther than the minimum projection distance, as stated in the device manual. In general, you need to place the device at least 1.5m away to get proper images on the screen. In case this doesn’t work, you need to adjust the Keystone correction ring of the projector.

Q: What To Do If The USB Port Of My Projector Isn’t Working Properly?

You can restart the device to check if there are some connectivity issues or not. According to the Bomaker mini projector troubleshootingthe connection problems can cause such troubles. However, if it still doesn’t work, you might need to refer to the company’s professional services.

Q: Why Am I Not Able To Stream Netflix On The Projector?

You can play any content using the Bomaker mini projector with USB/HDMI/VGA ports. If it cannot stream content from Netflix, you need to check the connective ports properly.

Due to connection problems, the projector might be able to stream the content properly. In case it still does not work properly, you might need to use a TV stick or Chromecast, depending on the copyright issues.

Final Verdict

These are some of the common projector problems that many users face with the mini ones available. In case you too have been facing any of these hassles, you know that you can fix these without any troubles with the Bomaker projector troubleshooting tips. If you have some additional information or tricks to share with the audience, please do share your thoughts here.