Coleman 8-Person Instant family Tent Review

Holidays often call for vacations outside with family and friends. Some prefer spending leisure holidays with loved ones while some get attracted to camping and other adventurous activities. So, are you someone who loves camping with family members?

Then, your dream camping outdoor experience is going to get more elevated with Coleman 8-Person Instant family Tent. This high-end quality tent can get used in various locations and perfectly adds to the thrill and joy of camping outside. The best family tents for bad weather get exceptionally designed which means you can easily disassemble and assemble the tent. Your adventurous moments are sure to turn memorable with this exclusive piece.

Coleman 8-Person Instant family Tent Review


  • The perfect solution for recreational camping tour with family
  • Ease of unfolding, put-down, set-up and packing up
  • The removable room divider helps in holding up the two rooms
  • Excellent ventilation with two doors and seven windows
  • The dome-shaped construction of the tent offers great strength and stability
  • Warranty offered by the company extends to one year
  • Spacious enough to accommodate eight people or two queen-size air beds


  • Some users say that the tent is not ultra-light but the weight is quite bearable
  • There is no open screen at the roof-top of the tent but this is not a problem for most of the users
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With the Coleman instant tent, eight adult people can easily fit in and spend comfortable nights while camping. The tent has multiple advantages to offer to the users. The set-up is effortless, strong and most importantly, the look is extremely trendy. This detailed review below can help you know more about the tent.

Key Features Of The Coleman 8-Person Instant Family Tent

The Coleman instant tent is most popular in the market these days owing to the several desirable features that it has. The brand gives in its best in the products so that the users can have incredible outdoor experiences while camping with their close ones. Here’s a list of some of the most adorable features of the instant tent.

Superior Quality

Coleman has always remained the trendsetting brand when it comes to tents and other outdoor supplies for camping. In this instant tent as well, the company has put in all the required features and the quality of the tent is simply extraordinary. The material used for designing the tent is of premium quality which enhances the overall experience of the users.

Instant Set-Up

In case you are a beginner in camping, the setting up of the tent can seem to be quite a daunting task for you. With the Coleman instant tent, this is not an issue. The interior tent wall comes in a pre-attached condition which makes the set-up easy. It just hardly takes a couple of minutes to unfold the item and set it up.

Stable Structure

This feature is what I personally look for while investing in tents. The Coleman 8-Person Instant Tent assures incredible stability with standard materials and intelligent design. The poles can get easily bent down which makes the structure even more rigid. Even under harsh weather conditions, the tent remains quite stable.

Wind-Resistant Frame

The Coleman engineering offers users a strong and weather-resistant outdoor camping tent. The frame is sturdy and wind-responsive which assures ultimate protection to the people inside. You feel as if you are dwelling in your second home while camping. You can enjoy the weather outside and still feel absolutely safe.

The Dome Shaping Of The Tent

I am absolutely in love with this concept of tent designing. The dome shaping of the tent assures generous headroom. The structure is simple yet intelligent. You can sit comfortably inside the space which enhances the convenience even more.

What Users Are Saying About Coleman 8-Person Instant Family Tent?

I bought this instant tent of Coleman recently to go camping out with my family. I did a lot of research and then laid hands on this tent. After it arrived, I started to practice how to set up the tent properly. As promised by the brand, the setup did not take much time and the disassembling of the tent was not quite frustrating either.

What Users Are Saying About Coleman 8-Person Instant Family Tent

The height of the tent and its door sizes are incredibly good and I being of standard height could easily walk in and out of the tent in an upright position. The seven screened windows and doors of the tent allowed ample wind and air to flow inside the tent. Thus, we did not feel uncomfortable to travel even in hot weather.

We could lay a king and queen-size mattress inside the tent and still has space left around to walk. So, I can say that I am totally satisfied with the tent as compared to the price that I paid for it. There are also multiple other customers around who speak only good things about this purchase.

Compare Wenzel 8 Person Klondike Vs Coleman 8-Person Instant Family Tent

Both these brands of tents can accommodate eight prominent persons together and that too comfortably. They offer great camping experience to the families. The two tents weigh differently as the Coleman one weighs around 40.4 pounds and the Wenzel one is about 29 pounds. Though the Coleman tent weighs a little more, the handling is not much difficult.

Compare Wenzel 8 Person Klondike Vs Coleman 8-Person Instant Family Tent
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At the first time use, both the instant tents might require more time to set up but with practice, the set-up time reduces to a great extent. The quality of materials and fabric used to design the tents are incredibly awesome. They also come with detailed instruction manuals which helps beginners a lot in setting up the structure.

The interior space offered by both varieties of tents is huge and they perfectly withstand the harsh weather conditions. The storage bags that come with the tents are also quite useful and guarantee easy packing after use. So, you see both the brands have incredible features of camping to offer to the travelers.

What’s The Disadvantage Of The Coleman 8-Person Instant Family Tent

Apart from having several advantages listed above, the Coleman instant tent does have certain drawbacks which might disappoint the users. Some campers love backpacking tents but this one does not meet their demands. The tent is quite heavy and is surely a car packing one. The L-shaped pegs of the tent get made of metal and are quite sturdy but in case the wind conditions are really bad, the tent may not work as well.

Some customers even complain about various manufacturing defects in the tent but that can get replaced in no time by the company. The bag that comes with the tent is not quite big for repacking and you might have to invest in another better storage bag for the tent.

How Reasonable Is The Price According To The Coleman 8-Person Instant Tent Specs?

How Reasonable Is The Price According To The Coleman 8-Person Instant Tent Specs

The Coleman instant tent is quite a wise purchase for adventure lovers for the price that they pay. You may also get free shipping facilities of the tent when bought from a well-known e-commerce site like Amazon. The tent is black in color which enhances its durability even more and makes it even perfect for outdoor uses.

The campers get a total package with this 8 people instant tent suiting the budget requirements of almost all the shoppers. The zipper protection offered by the tent in this price range is also excellent and is quite a loved feature by many users.

The setup options offered by the brand are also multiple in numbers which enable shoppers to choose as per their preferences.

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Final Verdict

So, with the Coleman instant tent, you can definitely enjoy a safe camping trip with all the family members. The amazing fabric material of the tent offers complete protection against acid rains and UV exposures.

Overall, the buyers bag great benefits by investing in long-term camping essentials. Moreover, the design of the tent is so alluring that you cannot resist buying it. Although there are some cons related to the product, still the tent serves its purpose in the best manner.

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