7 Best Crenova Projector Reviews & Buyer Guide 2023

Crenova projector reviews depict that you would avail a wide range of advantages from mini projectors. One of their key highlights is that they easily connect via your smartphone. What’s more, projectors from reputed brands also don’t require any app for their operation.

Apart from smartphones, you can easily connect them with other devices like laptops. What makes the mini projectors stand out is their versatility. Apart from using them in the office, you can also use these projectors for watching movies and TV shows.

The beauty of these projectors is that, unlike TVs, they can operate on any surface. Moreover, the user can configure the screen size easily, which depicts practicality. The Crenova mini projectors also have the advantage of not being restricted by the outer limit.

So whether it is an official presentation or home entertainment, you would always get a significant screen advantage. With the Crenova projectors, you would also be availing theater-like experience. Furthermore, mini projectors like that of Crenova are easy to place anywhere you like.

In other words, you would be able to maintain a more subtle presence in your entertainment area. So with these things in mind, let’s take a glance at the best Crenova mini projectors.

Top 7 Best Crenova Projector Reviews 2023

1. Crenova XPE500 Mini Projector

The Crenova projector reviews usually depict that Crenova devices are quite simple and easy to use. The same notion holds for the Crenova XPE500 Mini Projector. For instance, you don’t have to install any app to connect this projector.

Crenova XPE500 Mini Projector

Key Features of the Crenova XPE500 Projector

  • This projector supports 50,000 hours of daily usage
  • You would get an immersive audio experience from the Crenova XPE500
  • The brightness of 4500-lumen is quite significant considering the device is a mini projector
  • Supports 1920*1080 resolution
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It boasts of multiple connectivity interfaces, which enables you to connect it with laptops and other devices. Quite impressively, the Crenova XPE500 Mini Projector seamlessly connects with Amazon Fire TV Stick, Roku, Xbox One, etc.

But note that you would need an HDMI cable while connecting the Crenova XPE500 Mini Projector to your smartphone. No doubt, everyone wants a movie theater-like experience without waiting in the queue for tickets.

The Crenova XPE500 Mini Projector allows you to watch a movie right in the comfort of your home. What makes this projector stand out is its brightness of 4500-lumen. With an aspect ratio of 3000:1, the Crenova XPE500 Mini Projector is your ideal companion for home entertainment purposes.

Another important thing about the Crenova XPE500 Mini Projector is its noise cancellation feature. For effective heat dissipation, the Crenova XPE500 Mini Projector uses turbofan technology. This device is also an ideal choice for those who want big-screen projection.

Remember that the best viewing distance of 7 feet is usually suggested so that users can get the best experience. Due to its high aspect ratio, you can easily use the Crenova XPE500 Mini Projector in outdoor conditions. The Crenova XPE500 Mini Projector also has built-in stereo speakers, which exude practicality. So as you can see, it is an apt choice for watching movies when you are outdoors.

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2. Crenova XPE660 Projector

In case you don’t know, Crenova has a wide selection of home theater products. So it is normal to feel a bit apprehensive while buying Crenova projectors. However, the Crenova projector reviews paint a different picture altogether.

Crenova XPE660 Projector

Key Features of the Crenova XPE660 Projector

  • Built-in powerful omnidirectional speaker with SRS sound technology
  • It comes with a warranty for three years
  • An excellent aspect ratio is an added advantage
  • Connects with an array of devices
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The Crenova XPE660 Projector is the brand’s most versatile Lux projector you would ever get. Setting up the Crenova XPE660 Projector is simple. You have just to plug in the power cord and remove the lens cap. Next, you have to toggle the power switch, and you are all set.

The design of the Crenova XPE660 Projector is similar to many other projectors out there. You also get a remote with the Crenova XPE660 Projector, which makes things simple. You can have access to the menu, setup, and control of media playback right from the remote.

To be precise, you would find IR receivers on both the rear and the device’s front. In case the projector is roof-mounted, there would be no issues with its signal reception. With a brightness of 6800-lumen, the Crenova XPE660 Projector depicts usefulness in today’s context of movie watching.

The Crenova XPE660 Projector projects images with outstanding clarity irrespective of the type of content you are watching. Another key highlight of the Crenova XPE660 Projector is that it facilitates an authentic cinematic experience.

The projector has a native resolution of 1280*800 pixels which enlivens your room with top-notch projection quality. What’s more, it has an aspect ratio of 6000:1, which makes it an ideal projector for outdoor use. You can easily connect various devices like laptops, smartphones, etc., with the Crenova XPE660 Projector.

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3. Crenova BL-76 Projector

The Crenova BL-76 ensures an excellent viewing experience at an affordable price. It is one of the most powerful projectors which would offer you FHD projection. The Crenova projector reviews depict that this projector comes equipped with an array of exciting features.

Crenova BL-76 Projector

Key Features of the Crenova BL-76 Projector

  • The Crenova BL-76 can play 4K videos with ease
  • The remote control is very functional to use
  • It comes with an advanced double-sided cooling system
  • You can mount it easily on the ceiling
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If you are looking for a bright projector with crisp 1080p image projection, the Crenova BL-76 is an excellent choice. Note that this Crenova 1080p projector lacks auto-focus and has a limited menu. But despite these shortcomings, the Crenova BL-76 delivers a proper 1080p resolution.

With the Crenova BL-76, connectivity will never be a big issue. The Crenova video projector is ideal for a wide variety of purposes like office presentations, watching movies, etc. One of the key highlights of the Crenova BL-76 its wide range of color gamut.

Thanks to its 6000 lumens and 5000:1 contrast ratio, you would always enjoy sharp and bright images. Moreover, you can also connect a Chromecast or a Fire TV Stick to project the content via the Crenova BL-76. You get standard Hi-Fi dual speakers with this projector.

But apart from that, you can also connect external speakers. On the other hand, using the Crenova BL-76 is a breeze. The keystone correction and focus adjustment are easy to achieve. You get a functional remote with the device, which would help you to control various aspects.

What’s more impressive is the fact that Crenova BL-76 comes with all accessories. For instance, you will get HDMI cable, VGA cable, 3-in-1 AV cable, etc. So as you can see, there is no need to buy things separately while using the device for the first time.

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4. Crenova HDP300 Wi-Fi Projector

The Crenova projector reviews depict that the HDP300 is one of the best in the market. If you are in the market searching for breathtaking display quality, the Crenova HDP300 Wi-Fi Projector is ideal. Unlike other Crenova projectors, this device uses revolutionary DLP technology.

Crenova HDP300 Wi-Fi Projector

Key Features of the Crenova HDP300 Projector

  • This projector has a total brightness of 3500 Lumens
  • Facilitates wireless screen mirroring with ease
  • Take advantage of top-grade entertainment
  • It comes equipped with a two-hour movie playtime
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So when the context is about image projection, the Crenova HDP300 Wi-Fi Projector would always take the credits. What’s more impressive is the fact that you can use this Crenova mini projector in outdoor conditions.

With 170 ANSI Lumens, the Crenova HDP300 provides you with an immersive viewing experience. But the Crenova HDP300 also has a slight downside. For instance, you cannot use it for official presentations and meetings.

Apart from this minor flaw, the Crenova HDP300 is an excellent projector. One of the key highlights of this projector is its support for wireless mirroring. It also has Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity option. You can connect the Crenova HDP300 via Wi-Fi and the Eshare app.

In simple words, this device supports wireless screen mirroring with other devices. Another essential feature of this device is that it supports a wide variety of apps for streaming. Though it is compatible with the iPhone, you can also use your Android smartphone to project content.

The device also comes equipped with a 7000mAh battery which exudes practicality. You can use this for at least up to two hours in outdoor conditions. The Crenova HDP300 comes with lifetime professional support, which exudes practicality.

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5. Crenova XPE760 Projector

Well, the Crenova XPE760is a 1080p LUX projector with a native resolution of 1920*1080 pixels. And as the Crenova projector reviews depict, this projector also comes equipped with a dynamic contrast ratio. The Crenova XPE760 excels best when operated in outdoor conditions.

Crenova XPE760 Projector

Key Features of the Crenova XPE760 Projector

  • It has a native resolution of 1920*1080 pixels
  • The device has a durable and bright LED lamp
  • You get vertical keystone correction built-in
  • Provides you with an array of connectivity options
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And as Crenova claims, this projector can provide four times clearer and detailed images of HD content. Another key highlight of this device is that it has high refractive glass lenses, which render an excellent gaming experience.

To be precise, this Crenova HD projector provides users with great connectivity options. It is an iPhone projector, and thus you can use your iPhone to mirror the content. Another key highlight of the Crenova XPE760 is its built-in powerful stereo speakers with an SRS sound system.

The Crenova XPE760 also has multimedia connection compatibility. It comes with HDMI ports along with two USB ports. The Crenova XPE760 has a total brightness of 5800 Lumens. The higher the lumen of the projector, the brighter the device will be.

Quite impressively, it has a contrast ratio of 5000:1, which exudes practicality. With the Crenova XPE760, you can now enjoy your favorite movies and games on the big screen. What’s more, you would also get the Keystone correction which exudes practicality. And in case you are not satisfied with the Keystone, you can adjust it via remote control. You may explore Yaber projector reviews.

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6. Crenova A6500 Projector

If you go through the Crenova projector review, you would definitely find the A6500 there. To be precise, the Crenova A6500 comes with a native resolution of 1920*1080 pixels. Another key highlight of the Crenova A6500 is the 7000:1 dynamic contrast ratio.

Crenova A6500 Projector

Key Features of the Crenova A6500 Projector

  • The Crenova A6500 has a high dynamic contrast
  • You get 7000 Lumens of brightness
  • You can enjoy games by mirroring your smartphone
  • Provides users with a giant projection screen
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What’s more impressive is the fact that this device has a total brightness of 7000 lumens which makes it a practical choice. The lamp life of the Crenova A6500 is 60,000 hours which is again impressive. You also get the revolutionary three-year LED lamp replacement policy which provides great assurance.

This device also comes with 75% manual zoom that enables you to avail content on a giant screen. This feature is also quite ideal for small rooms when the projector is roof-mounted. The Crenova A6500 supports wired mirroring from an array of devices.

You can have a considerable screen experience from various types of multimedia devices on the go. You would get a real cinematic experience with the Crenova A6500. Being a 1080p led projector, it supports Dolby sound.

The device also has built-in Hi-Fi speakers, which create immersive stereo sound in outdoor conditions. In the connectivity department, the Crenova A6500 excels too. This device provides you with two USB ports, an HDMI port, an AV port, a VGA port, an audio-out port.

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7. Crenova XPE600 Projector

For a big screen on a small budget, the Crenova XPE600 is an excellent choice. Note that the Crenova XPE600 is a native 1080p budget projector. The Crenova projector iPhone comprises excellent features, which makes it unique.

Crenova XPE600 Projector

Key Features of the Crenova XPE600 Projector

  • It comes with 50% manual zoom
  • Has support for Dolby audio
  • Wide variety of connectivity options
  • 60,000-hour lamp life is exemplary 
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Note that the Crenova XPE600 is a right 1080p projector. It has a resolution of 1920*1080 pixels which helps you to avail of high-grade entertainment. Furthermore, you would also get a 6000:1 contrast ratio with a Lux rating of 6800. One slight downside of the device is the low ANSI lumen rating.

However, the LED light source makes the projected image appear relatively brighter. Note that the maximum image size the Crenova XPE600 can produce is 200 inches. Obviously, you can make the Crenova XPE600 create images more extensive than this dimension.

But doing so might make the image appear out of focus. In the connectivity department, the Crenova XPE600 offers you a plethora of options. You get a pair of HDMI ports, a single VGA unit, two USB ports, an AV input, and an audio output.

Quite impressively, the top of the device features a keystone adjustment ring along with a focus wheel. You would also get a remote to control the Crenova XPE600, which is quite remarkable. At the bottom, you would find four standard screw holes for roof mounting.

Well, the Crenova XPE600 lacks versatility when it comes to hardcore gaming. But for casual gamers, the Crenova XPE600 is a solid choice. On the other hand, the speakers of this device are quite capable. You would find the onboard speakers quite ideal for instantaneous entertainment.

The Crenova XPE600 features a well-rounded performance that appeals to an array of people out there. So if you are looking for a big screen that won’t break your bank, the XPE600 is an ideal option.

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Things to consider while buying a Movie Projector

Here are certain things to consider while purchasing a movie projector.


Lumens refer to the amount of light a projector can create. So the higher the Lumen value will be, the brighter will be the movie projector.

The Light Source of the Projector

Note that the movie projector creates images and light separately. LEDs and lasers are some of the most commonly used light sources in movie projectors. Lasers are costly, and you may have to break your bank while opting for a laser-powered movie projector. On the other hand, LEDs are bright, affordable, and durable at the same time.

HDR-Enabled Projectors

As evident from the Crenova projector reviews, a lot of devices are now offering the revolutionary HDR feature. This feature can augment the total viewing experience of the users to a great extent.

Final Verdict

So as you can see from the Crenova projector reviews, there are many worthy projectors mentioned above. Out of all these, the Crenova HDP300 Wi-Fi Projector seems a likely choice. Apart from the standard features, you get Wi-Fi connectivity and a massive 7000mAh battery.

Another viable choice is the Crenova BL-76 projector. Impressively, the Crenova BL-76 projector can even play 4K videos which are quite commendable. It is a capable device that would no doubt augment your entertainment. So if you want to take your entertainment level to a new high, bring home the Crenova projectors.