Epson 2100 vs 2150 – Why Epson 2150 is the Best Pick?

Executing almost every activity, be it a professional or personal one, is a lot easier and hassle-free these days with the advent of a wide range of advanced technology-enabled devices. Such is the scenario now that one can enjoy the theatre experience at home because of the availability of premium-quality and feature-rich projectors. Aside from recreational purposes, people even use projectors at offices for presentations. Ensure you invest in one between Epson 2100 vs 2150 if you want a projector.

Epson 2100 vs 2150

Many known and unknown brands manufacture quality projector models nowadays. However, the one currently at the top of the list of the best home projector manufacturing brands is Epson. You should know that this renowned brand is the largest and most reliable manufacturer of office and home projectors at present. Most individuals who wish to bring home a top-grade home theater projector choose between Epson home cinema 2100 vs 2150.

These two image and video projection devices are Epson’s two best 3LCD projectors till date. As these fall under the same category, distinguishing the two is often a challenge for many prospective buyers. However, we recommend the Epson 2150 projector. Wondering why you should choose this specific home projector model over Epson 2100? Then, keep reading the article.

Here, light is shed on the noteworthy features of each projector variant from Epson, key differences between these two projectors aside from their similarities, and the pros and cons of each model. So, let’s get started.

Epson 2100 vs 2150 Projector Comparison Chart

Epson Home Cinema 2100 ProjectorEpson Home Cinema 2150 Projector
Epson Home Cinema 2100 Projector
Epson Home Cinema 2150 Wireless 1080p Miracast, 3LCD projector
Epson 2100 is equipped with 3LCD technology, which helps it project action videos or games without the rainbow effectIt consists of 2500 Lumens of similar color and white brightness.
Perfect for different lighting conditions because it features 2500 Lumens of equivalent color besides white brightnessEpson 2150 offers widescreen Full High Definition 1080P entertainment.
The dynamic contrast ratio is up to 35000:1Epson 2150 is equipped with an upgraded projection technology, which helps it project smoother, richer, sharper and true-to-life images.
It has a versatile connectivity attributeIt facilitates users to mirror device images, videos and various apps because of its wireless screen mirroring feature.
It consists of two HDMI portsUsers can stream HD movies, web series, videos and games hassle-free
Supports two MHL-enabled gadgets for charging and mirroringSupports 2 MHL-enabled devices
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Similarities Between Epson 2100 vs 2150 Projector

Similarities between Epson 2100 vs 2150 Projector


The dimensions of both these top-notch Epson home projector models are the same 12.2X11.2X1.8”. The brand has used high-quality materials for manufacturing both Epson 2100 and 2150 variants in a durable way. These will remain functional for a long time if used in a proper manner. There’s a rugged lens mounted on top of both models. Primarily because of the all-white exterior color, the overall design of these top-rated Epson projectors looks notably elegant.

Image Quality

Regardless of the one you choose between Epson home cinema 2150 vs 2100, full HD 1080P is the maximum resolution that you will get. Both projector models are capable of playing 3D videos seamlessly to help users enjoy an immersive 3D experience.

Installation System

Both these projectors are durable and which is why users can set them up on the ceiling without any problem. These two are known for having the same set-up or installation system of rear and front mount apart from the ceiling mount.

3LCD Technology

While testing, we found out that both Epson 2100 and 2150 utilize three different color guns to fire all the three prominent individual Red-Green-Blue or RGB colors. Both these projector models use such colors on the display that’s remarkably different from those HD projectors.


To access your favorite content hassle-free, resort to streaming devices. Both these projectors are compatible and possess versatile connectivity to a wide array of streaming devices Amazon, Chromecast, Roku, Fire TV, Apple TV and more.


No matter which one you bring home between Epson 2100 vs 2150, accessories that come along will be the same. The common accessories are a power cord, AAA batteries and remote controller.

Differences Between Epson Home Cinema 2150 vs 2100 Projector

Differences Between Epson Home Cinema 2150 vs 2100 Projector


There’s a marginal difference between Epson 2150 and 2100. The former weighs nearly 7.7 pounds, and the latter weighs 7.5 pounds. Hence, if you intend to carry your projector whenever there is a get-together or party in the house of your relatives or friends and watch movies with others, pick up 2100. Do this because it is lightweight and more portable than the 2150 model.

Contrast Ratio

On paper, it may seem that Epson home cinema 2150 gains the edge over the 2100 variant because of its contrast ratio up to 60000:1. This is nearly twice more as the Epson 2100 projector model with a contrast ratio of up to 35000:1. Despite a low contrast ratio, the 2100 model is on par with 2150 regarding the quality of the picture. Each model is capable of projecting full High Definition 1080P resolution moving images.


Both these projector models consist of all connectivity ports at the rear end. There are two HDMI ports on the back panel; one of those even supports MHL devices. In terms of performance, there isn’t much difference between Epson home cinema 2100 vs 2150. However, you should know that the capacity of both to connect to wireless devices varies.

Aspect Ratio

The default aspect ratios of Epson 2150 and 2100 are different. The former offers 1920 X 1200Px default resolution with an aspect ratio of 16:10. The latter provides 1920 X 1080Px default resolution with an aspect ratio of 16:9.


While testing and comparing Epson 2100 vs 2150, we discovered that epson home cinema 2100 is a bit more versatile when it comes to the compatibility factor. It is compatible with every video format across a 2D domain, which includes WXGA, WXGA 60 Hz, SXGA, XGA, SVGA, VGA, etc.

It is also seamlessly compatible with 720Px resolution videos with 50 Hz or 60Hz besides 1080Px resolution videos with 50 Hz or 60Hz or 24Hz across the 3D domain. It is also easily compatible with 1080i 50/60Hertz.On the other hand, Epson home cinema 2150 is compatible with the most aforementioned video formats but not all.

Pros and Cons of Epson 2100 vs 2150

Epson 2100 Projector


  • In comparison to the 2150 model, the Epson 2100 is significantly lighter
  • It is sturdy and reliable aside from featuring an excellent design
  • It has up to a 35000:1 dynamic contrast ratio, which is two or three times more than standard projectors


  • The full white color enhances Epson 2100’s affinity to become sludgy most of the time.

Epson 2150 Projector


  • It offers fully integrated and seamless WiFi connectivity besides Miravision, which helps users replicate computer screens.
  • Up to 60000:1 dynamic contrast ratio
  • It’s a 3D compatible projector


  • It features 2500 Lumens brightness, which is neither perfect for daylight nor ambient-light viewing.
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Final Verdict

People consider both Epson 2150 and 2100 as the best home cinema projectors. Even many spend on these two models as they are great at clearly projecting official presentations. They boast the same durable design and wear the same all-white color. Hence, aesthetically, they are pretty the same.

However, when it comes to the projection of finer, brighter, richer and crystal clear images and videos irrespective of the ambient light, Epson home cinema 2100 gains the edge over the 2150 model.

So, without delaying any further, make a purchase of the current highest-selling home cinema projector. Despite the presence of numerous projector manufacturing brands on popular online marketplaces at present, know that the most reliable brand is Epson. It is reputed for manufacturing the most cost-effective and feature-rich home cinema projector like Epson 2150. So, when are you going to bring it home and enjoy the theatre experience at your home with your near and dear ones?