Epson 2150 vs 2250 – Which One Is Best And Why?

A high-quality projector is needed to watch documentaries with perfect and large size images and videos. When purchasing a projector, it is essential to evaluate its features to help you choose the one that suits you best. Depending on the customer’s needs and preferences, Epson has come up with two high-quality home cinema projectors known as Epson 2150 and Epson 2250 Projector.

Epson 2150 vs 2250

Epson 2150 vs 2250 both projectors come with unique features and functionality that are worth your expense. Both products reproduce the full HD resolution, 3 LCD technology, digital keystone correction system, vertical lens shift, 1.07 billion colors, and many more aesthetic features. Since Epson 2150 vs 2250 has several characteristic similarities with high resolution, many customers may not be sure about its distinctive or additional features. As a result, it is often difficult to choose the right one for them from these projectors.

In this Epson 2150 vs 2250 review, we discussed the description of each part of the projector and the comparative features. So to make your decision simple about the projector, observe the review thoroughly.

Comparison chart Epson 2150 vs 2250 Home Cinema Projector

This review has given a Comparison chart to facilitate the acquisition of ideas, which will help you decide which projector of Epson Home Cinema 2150 vs 2250 matches your choice.

SpecificationEpson 2150 ProjectorEpson 2250 Projector


Epson Home Cinema 2150 Wireless 1080p Miracast, 3LCD projector
Epson Home Cinema 2250 Projector - Best projector for small church
Item dimension (WxDxH)12.2×11.2×4.2 inches (excluding feet)12.4x12x4.2 inches(excluding feet)  
Item Weight7.7 pounds8.4 pounds
Resolution 1920×10801920×1080
Screen size30” – 300”34” – 332”
Colour reproductionFull colour (up to – 1.07 billion colours)Full colour (up to – 1.07 billion colours)
Colour brightness2500 lumens2700 lumens
Contrast ratioUp to 60000:1Up to 70000:1
Resize support16:10, 4:316:10, 4:3
Projection systemEpson 3 Lcd, 3-chip technologyEpson 3 Lcd, 3-chip technology
Projection methodFront/ rear/ceiling mountFront/ rear/ceiling mount
Input signalHDMI: TMDS, Analog RGBHDMI: TMDS
HDMI version1.42.0
Fan noise27-37 decibels28-36 decibels
Built-in speaker10.0 Watts Mono10.0 Watts Mono
Power consumption 312 watts310 watts
Included Lens1.6x manual zoom1.6x manual zoom
Integrated Android TvNoYes
Lamp Type200W UHE200W UHE
Lamp Life (normal mode)Up to 4500 hoursUp to 7500 hours
Battery2 “AA” batteries4 “AA” batteries
WarrantyTwo yearsTwo years

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What Are The Differences Between Epson 2150 vs 2250  3LCD projector?

What are the differences between Epson 2150 vs 2250  projector


Epson 2150 is the older version, while Epson 2250 is the latest one. The first difference between Epson home cinema 2250 vs 2150 is their weight. While the Epson 2250 weighs 8.4 pounds, the Epson 2150 weighs about 7.7 pounds, Which is slightly lower than the Epson 2250.

Secondly, the dimension of both the product is 12.2×11.2×4.2 and 12.4x12x4.2 inches respectively, which also differs from one another. Besides, we also find quite a dissimilarity between the screen size of both the product.

Although the brightness produced by Epson 2150 (2500 lumens) is enough to use in soft light, in contrast, Epson 2250 provides comparatively better brightness (2700 lumens) in this regard.

Wireless streaming

One of the significant differences between these products is that – Epson 2150 allows only a few wireless streaming support while Epson 2250 enables a user to stream directly through the projector.

Epson 2150 can be used with Miracast for screen mirroring or needs MHL support for more streaming options.  On the Other hand,  Epson 2250 has a built-in Android Tv interface, and its user can download any streaming apps without the help of external devices.

Wired connectivity

For those who have several external devices to connect, the Epson 2150 could be a better choice because it comes with a dual HDMI port and a VGA network connection.

On the other hand, Epson 2250 has only one HDMI port. Besides, it also consists of a USB port, but it’s not so helpful as you can’t use it to view content or documentaries.

So most users find the Epson 2150 more efficient because of its ease of use and connectivity.

Image quality

As discussed earlier, the Epson home cinema 2150 vs 2250 comes with full HD resolution, but both the projectors cannot produce a 4k resolution. But the Epson 2250 is capable of viewing content with 4k resolution by downscaling the quality to HD.

So, comparatively, there is less possibility for Epson 2250 to become outdated. Although the brightness varies slightly, the Epson 2250 vs 2150 offers the best image quality due to its 1920×1080 resolution capability.

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What Are The Similarities Between Epson 2150 vs 2250 Projector?

What are the similarities between Epson 2150 vs 2250 projector

Epson home cinema 2150 vs 2250 Both the projector comes with some similar features to deliver the best performance. Some of the identical features of these two products are as below-

If we look at the comparison chart, we can find out that the resolutions of these products are the same. Besides both, the projector is capable of reproducing up to 1.07 billion colors. The projection system and method of the two products are also alike. Furthermore, both the projector includes a lamp of the same kind. Even the expected operating time of the lamp is coequal.

The wattage of the speaker of these products is 10 watts mono which is also similar. Then if we talk about the projector lens, we see that both this product includes a 1.6x manual zoom lens which is also one of the identical features of these projectors.

Both products come with a remote control system and include a digital keystone correction. We found that the aspect ratio of these projectors is also the same.

Moreover, both the projector comes with a flexible installation system and can be easily moved from one place to another.

Here, we tried to point out the main similarities between these two projectors. Still, some more features may enable these projectors to meet the users ’demands.

Epson 2150 vs 2250 Projector Of Pros and cons

Epson 2150 Projector


  • 3LCD technology
  • Full HD resolution
  • Wired connectivity
  • Wireless screen mirroring through Miracast
  • Flexible Installation Portable


  • Unable to stream directly through the projector
  • Unable to support 4k content

Epson 2250 Projector


  • Brighter images.
  • 3LCD technology
  • Full HD resolution
  • 4k content support.Wireless connectivity
  • Flexible installation


  • Downscales 4k content to HD
  • It Includes only one HDMI port

FAQs About  The Epson 2150 vs 2250 3LCD Full HD 1080p Projector

Does both the products offer the same warranty provision?

Yes, Epson 2250 vs 2150 both the product comes with the same warranty provision.

Epson provides a limited two-year warranty on the projector and a 90 days warranty for the projector lamp. They also offer lifetime support of the product through phone calls.

Does these products have BlueTooth?

Sooth to say, both the product comes with a BlueTooth connectivity system which is very effective.

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Final Verdict

In the final analysis, we can assure you that you won’t be disappointed with these products. Epson 2150 vs 2250 both produce fantastic picture quality with full HD resolution, easily portable, and user-friendly.

Do you want to use several external devices with the projector? Then obviously, we would recommend you to try Epson 2150.  Otherwise, if you are interested in wireless streaming, don’t delay ordering the Epson 2250 projector. Now, it depends on your preference.

We hope this article helped you to choose the right projector. Don’t forget to share your experience with us!