Epson Home Cinema 1060 Review

Epson home cinema 1060 is such an outstanding home cinema projector that delivers you an incredibly vivid and full HD 1080phome cinema experience with widescreen images. The projector shows you up to 300″ wider images that are up to 25 times larger than a 60″ flat panel in 1080p.  Your satisfaction level reaches higher just after experiencing more powerful and brighter images than most other conventional projectors can provide.

Epson Home Cinema 1060 Review

The more lumens your projector has, the brighter pictures your projector can show you. Along with the higher brightness, the powerful contrast ratio of this projector offers you more detailed and clear pictures in any lighting environment.  Moreover, the excellent color accuracy together with the lumens and contrast ratio will make your home theater experience truly fun. Considering all these and its versatile connectivity, it is one of the best projectors under 500.

Noticeable features of the Epson home cinema 1060

Let us spare a little time here to discuss some of the noticeable features of this high-performing projector in this Epson 1060 review. Just because of the following features, it is good to think about choosing this projector.

  • The brightest and vibrant images come with the power of 3,100 lumens color and white brightness.
  • Because of the powerful 15,000:1 contrast ratio, it can deliver you the brightest white images in the darkest black environment.
  • It is very much portable and the setup is incredibly simple so you are good to carry it anywhere.
  • The projector shows every scene with much clarity and perfection using its innovative 3LCD technology.
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Key Features of the Epson home cinema 1060 Projector

Key Features of the Epson home cinema 1060

Actually, Epson home cinema 1060 comes with tons of helpful features to make your home cinema theater experience better. But we are mentioning here some of the key features among all below.

Widescreen Full HD 1080p Entertainment

It wonderful offer you having the larger-than-life type home cinema entertainment with its wider screen. You are good to view the images at up to 300″ that is 25 times larger than any 60″ flat panel in 1080p. Gaming and streaming become more enjoyable and fun with this projector. You will also be able to place this projector very close to your wall or screen easily.

High-Resolution Images with Remarkable Color Accuracy

With the powerful contrast ratio and high lumens color and white brightness, the projector will just deliver you totally vibrant and more detailed images that you hardly ever experienced. You will get all the perfect color accuracy performances in every image you see on the screen. The color accuracy of this projector is so perfect that not a single touch of color will be left unviewed.

Versatile Connectivity with Built-in Speaker

This high-performing and low-priced projector will allow you to connect it with your Blu-ray Disc player, cable or satellite box, gaming console, and any streaming device. It contains 2x HDMI ports (1x MHL) to let you enjoy versatile connectivity with all these devices.

The built-in speaker of this projector will increase your entertainment level a lot by providing smooth sound and HD entertainment. And do not worry about installation as it comes with the Epson home cinema 1060 manual.

What are users saying about the Epson home cinema 1060 projector?

What are users saying about Epson home cinema 1060

A large number of users have expressed their positive remarks related to this projector. Almost every user is satisfied with the performance of this model. This is one of the best budget home cinema projectors you will have. Compared to the price range, you actually will not get such performance from any other similar price range projectors. It comes with a wide variety of helpful features including portability and easy installation to make your home cinema experience really enjoyable.

Compare Epson home cinema 1060 vs ViewSonic 1080p Short Throw Projector

It seems a little hard to compare these two high-quality home cinema projectors as both of the models come with almost similar advanced features. However, one of the main differences could be the pricing of these two models. The price difference is considerably huge between these two. You will get Epson home cinema 1060 projector with two-third of the price of ViewSonic 1080p Short Throw Projector.

Compare Epson home cinema 1060 vs ViewSonic 1080p Short Throw Projector
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In terms of delivering brighter images, we found that Epson home cinema 1060 is better than ViewSonic 1080p Short Throw Projector with comparatively higher lumens.

Another big difference between these two home cinema projector models is in the keystone correction feature. Epson home cinema 1060 comes with auto vertical and horizontal keystone corrections whereas ViewSonic 1080p Short Throw Projector comes with the vertical keystone correction only. The keystone correction feature helps to adjust the angle of your position with the projector screen.

FAQ About the Epson home cinema 1060

It is normal that you might have already gone through a number of Epson home cinema 1060 reviews. But it does not mean that you do not need to ask anything about this projector or any other Best projector for outdoor movies. If you have any questions in your mind, you can get the answer to your question by looking at some of the important answers below.

Is this Epson home cinema 1060projector good for outdoors during the daylight?

If you notice the fact of theaters then you will see that the theaters only show films at night. This is a projector, not an LED board. We know that LED boards are light enough for daylight but not the projector.  So to answer your question directly, you cannot get good image performance with this projector during the day.

Is the resolution of this projector changeable?

You are not able to change the resolution with this projector, but what you can do is digitally resize the image to a different aspect ratio.

Does Chromecast or Amazon fire stick power on and work when connected to the USB port on the projector?

Yes, Chromecast or Amazon fire stick power on and work when it is connected to the USB port on the projector.

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Final Verdict

Hopefully, you have understood why you should go for Epson home cinema 1060 over ViewSonic 1080p Short Throw Projector after reading the Epson home cinema 1060 review. Looking at the ability to deliver high-resolution images of these two models, the Epson projector is far better than the ViewSonic projector. 

The low price range is also another most important aspect to buy this model. Lastly, this model is super easy to install and carry compared to any other projectors in the market. So investing your money in the first model would be undoubtedly better for you.

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