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How To Get Free Phone For Snap Recipients [7 Providers]

In 2018, a staggering forty million Americans received SNAP benefits and that number continues to rise. Those who receive these services can easily acquire a free phone from the US government so as to improve their standard of living. Additionally, promoting awareness is simplified with those whose only means of communication are mobile devices – ultimately resulting in a mutually beneficial agreement between both the public and governmental entities alike.

If you qualify for a federal assistance program, such as SNAP, then you might be eligible to receive a free phone for snap recipients. Today I will walk through the process and provide you with some of the top providers offering this benefit.

What Is SNAP?

Are you aware of the SNAP program? If not, let me offer a brief explanation. Supplement Nutrition Assistance Program (formerly known as Food stamp) is a government support system that has aided countless American households ensure there is food on their tables. Furthermore, if you meet certain criteria, then most likely you are eligible for this program!

The main goal of the program is to support children and seniors. Nearly two-thirds of families with SNAP eligibility include these groups, as it helps them manage their budget better so they can obtain healthier food choices while reducing hunger. In fact, if you meet the requirements, you may even be eligible for a free laptop through food stamps!

How Do You Get A Government Free Phone?

How To Get Free Phone For Snap Recipients

In 1980, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) initiated Lifeline – a government assistance program that strives to help impoverished, disabled, and elderly individuals with access to technology. This effort was created as part of an overall commitment by the FCC to bridge the digital divide between haves and have-nots.

Commonly known as the “Obama Phone” program, this system provides discounts or even free cell phones and internet service for families and individuals who meet specific criteria. To be eligible to receive a complimentary phone, you must demonstrate need by being unable to afford one on your own. Utilizing your SNAP certification, getting a reduced rate on phone billing is incredibly straightforward. Read further to learn the process of obtaining a complimentary phone.

Why Does the Government Offer Free Phone Service?

After all the struggles one may endure in life, it is understandable to be suspicious of governmental acts. The government isn’t providing cell phones out of charity; rather, it makes their jobs easier when citizens are equipped with a phone. Additionally, creating awareness on topics such as COVID-19 can easily and quickly be propagated through our devices – how could people have been made aware of Covid’s danger without having access to this invaluable and omnipresent tool? It goes without saying that the answer would be much harder than if everyone had a mobile device at hand.

By giving civilians access to mobile phones, the government can promote economic growth and job creation. Furthermore, it is easy to see why citizens love having a phone of their own! It grants them simpler communication methods as well as improved opportunities for betterment. With a smartphone in hand, people can enhance their mental health and overall wisdom while staying abreast of current events – making everyone involved winners at the end of the day!

Do you have insecurities that stop you from getting a phone? If so, the government has an answer! Government-free phones are entirely free and require no return incentives. So if you’re eligible, why not get yours today? You may be wondering: where can I find one of these fabulous ‘free’ devices? The answer is simpler than ever – all it takes is some easy research to determine which places offer them!

Are you on the hunt for a free phone? Then look no further! There are plenty of great deals out there, but some offers can be complex. That’s why I’ve gathered my top recommendations to make sure you get the most bang for your buck.

Top 7 Providers of the free phone for snap recipients

1. Access Wireless

Access Wireless

Access Wireless is one of the top providers for free government phones, boasting widespread coverage. You can obtain data, text messages, and minutes completely cost-free without obtaining a phone from them! If you’d prefer to invest in an even more luxurious plan that includes high-speed data or extra talk time – there are affordable options available too!

Access Wireless could be an excellent choice for a free phone for snap recipients. But, before deciding, you need to make sure they are available in your state. No free phone providers are available in all states of America. And, the offers you get also vary from state to state. For Access Wireless, California residents get an extra benefit from the provider. They also get unlimited minutes, unlimited messaging, and 5GB of internet data with a free smartphone.

What You Get If You Are In California

Access Wireless offers California residents the ultimate phone package: a free smartphone, unlimited local and long-distance calling throughout the entire country, and 5GB of data. It’s almost too good to be true!

What You Get If You Are In Other States

Out-of-state applicants are welcomed to take advantage of limited benefits, like a free smartphone with 250 minutes for talking, unlimited texting and 3 GB data per month.

The Top-Up Plans

Top-up plans are an absolute must. Free options don’t last forever and the download speeds for those tend to be slow. Fortunately, Access Wireless offers a selection of reasonably priced call and data packages that provide great value for lower income households. The prices on these plans make them perfect if you’re looking to save money while still getting quality service!

Top-Up minutes

  • With $5, enjoy an additional 250 minutes each month.
  • Keep connecting even after the monthly limit reaches 10 cents per minute.

Top-Up Data

  • Get 100 MB high-speed data at $1 for 30 days.
  • Get 500 MB of high-speed data at $3 for 30 days.
  • Get 1 GB of high-speed data at $5 for 30 days.
  • Get 4 GB high-speed data at $20 for 30 days.

If Access Wireless has coverage in your area, I would highly recommend their services as they offer some of the most affordable plans among Lifeline participants.

2. Tag Mobile

Tag Mobile

Tag Mobile stands out for their exceptional coverage and dependable internet speed. Plus, with your SNAP certification you can even get a complimentary smartphone from them!

Tag Mobile still remains the leading free cell phone for snap recipients provider, even with a lower allotment of data, minutes and texts compared to other companies. This is due in part to their expansive network coverage. For those residing in California – America’s most populous state – there are ample benefits worth considering when selecting Tag Mobile as your no-cost option for cellular services; including complimentary internet data, calls and messages!

With the superior network of Verizon, Sprint and T-mobile, our company guarantees close to no blind spots for coverage within its service area. Not only that, but you’ll also be free from any contracts or additional costs with this plan! Our comprehensive nationwide coverage includes caller ID, call waiting and voicemail features as well.

What You Get From Tag Mobile Lifeline Program

For the Other State Lifeline:

  • Free Smartphone.
  • Unlimited texting to anywhere in the world.
  • Free 1000 minutes for local and long-distance calling.
  • 1 GB of data.

For the California Lifeline:

  • Free smartphone.
  • Unlimited global texting without any cost.
  • Monthly free 1000 minutes for talking.
  • Monthly free 6.5 GB LTE data.

Top-Up Plans:

For Text and Talk:

  • Tag Mobile offers two distinct paid plans: Premium and Platinum. For just $4.95 a month, the Premium plan grants you up to 250 minutes of local or long-distance talk time as well as unlimited text messaging!
  • For a low fee of just $9.95/month, our platinum plan gives you unlimited access to local and long-distance calls as well as countless texts!

For Internet Data:

  • While the company offers three data plans for customers, unfortunately they are quite costly in comparison to other options.The Lite plan, costing $5.95 each month, offers 500 MB of high-speed data.
  • The Lite plan, costing $11.95 each month, offers 1 GB of high-speed data.
  • The Lite plan, costing $19.95 each month, offers 3 GB of high-speed data.

In conclusion, Tag Mobile is a sound choice for recipients of SNAP benefits who need a free phone. However, their complimentary service did not measure up to other providers and their paid plans tend to be quite expensive. But that’s the cost you have to pay if you want reliable, high-coverage internet access.

3. Life Wireless

Life Wireless

If you have a SNAP certificate, you are eligible to receive a free phone from Life Wireless. They’ve only been participating in the Lifeline program for a short time but have already made an impressive name for themselves with their reliable service and dependable phones offered at incredibly reasonable prices for low-income families.

As a small business, Lifeless offers its services in only a few states. However, these areas have excellent customer reviews. With their Lifeline program you will get access to a free mobile phone with monthly data allowance, texting and minutes – all included!

Their complimentary plan offers an extensive array of features, such as free long-distance calling and domestic calls, call waiting, three-way calling services, voicemail access with caller ID display and no charge for 911 support. If you are looking to upgrade beyond the basics covered in their complimentary package there is a top up option available; however these plans can be quite costly with limited flexibility.

What You Get With Life Wireless

For The Other States:

If you’re living in any state besides Oklahoma or California and have a SNAP certification, then look no further! You’ll be entitled to receive an absolutely free phone with monthly 750 free minutes for both nationwide and long-distance calling, unlimited global texting capabilities, along with 1 GB data each month.

For the California and Oklahoma:

Californians and Oklahomans are especially fortunate; they receive additional advantages with their freephone plans. These include unlimited talk, limitless text messaging, roaming capabilities, plus 4.5 GB of data per month – all 100% free! And don’t forget about the added perk of being able to send images as a massage – how awesome is that?

Top-Up Plans

Only Talk

Lifeless Wireless offers three talk plans, each lasting thirty days. However, these plans do not include rollover minutes; any remaining usage must be completed before the expiration of your plan and will expire after 30 days. Make sure to take advantage of all the time allotted within your package!

  • Purchase 100 minutes additionally with $4.
  • Purchase 500 minutes additionally with $12.
  • Purchase 1-00 minutes additionally with $20.

Only Data

Similarly, my data plan doesn’t allow me to roll over any unused data if I don’t finish it within a single month.

  • Purchase 100 MB of the internet at $4.
  • Purchase 500 MB of the internet at $15.
  • Purchase 1 GB of internet at $20.

4. Assurance Wireless

Assurance Wireless

Assurance Wireless is one of the leading providers in Lifeline benefits. After merging with Sprint and T-Mobile networks, their services have only improved further! You can get a free phone if you are on SNAP as well as free internet service. Assurance has proven to be an invaluable asset for countless people across America who rely on these key resources.

Assurance Wireless, part of the Sprint and T-Mobile joint network, is now the largest Lifeline program participant with service available in over forty states. There’s no need to sign a contract or undergo any credit checks; moreover there are zero activation fees or hidden charges! Assurance continues to expand its coverage area rapidly so that even more Americans can benefit from their services.

Unfortunately, there have been multiple reports of the provider’s long and convoluted process for obtaining a free phone for snap recipients. To quickly resolve this issue, Assurance vowed to take swift action. By now, they likely already did so – causing your experience with them to be a breeze!

What You Get With Assurance Wireless

Aside from gifting free mobile phones to those on food stamps, Assurance Wireless also provides a stellar wireless service for Californians. As with most providers, you can get an amazing bargain here!

For The Other States

Unlock the untethered joys of a free cellular phone and take advantage of complimentary monthly calls (varying based on your state), unrestricted global text messaging, plus 3GB data allowance every month.

For California

Residents of California can now benefit from unlimited local calling, 5GB monthly data, and unrestricted global texting – all complimented by a complimentary smartphone!

Top-UP plans

Assurance offers a variety of flexible plans to suit your needs. Their selection includes talk + data bundles as well as standalone text and talk packages.

Talk/Text Top-Up Plans:

Assurance Wireless offers two cost-effective talk and text plans, a $5 plan and an even better value at just $10.

  • The $5 “Mexico/Canada calling + international Text” offer-
  • Unlimited landline and phone calling to Canada And Mexico.
  • Unlimited only phone calling to over 200 countries.
  • Unlimited worldwide texting.

The $10 “Mexico/Canada calling + international Text” offer:

  • Unlimited landline and phone calling to Canada And Mexico.
  • Unlimited Landline calling to 70 counties.
  • Free 200 mobile minutes to 50 counties around the USA.
  • International calling is unlimited to over 200 countries.

There are also data plans which cost from $5 to $30 for unlimited data.

5. EnTouch Wireless

enTouch wireless

When selecting which free government cell phones provider to choose, EnTouch should be a top contender. They are well-known for their diverse and affordable plans that range from paid to complimentary services. While their coverage area may not be expansive in comparison with other providers, it is considerable— covering most major states across the country. Furthermore, they offer customers complimentary mobile devices paired with no cost internet access!

But their free services don’t even come close to the level of amazement you’ll experience with their prepaid plans. Starting at only a dollar and ranging up to fifty dollars, these surprisingly cost-effective offers can vary from state to state – but tribal people have an especially advantageous option!

What You Get With EnTouch Wireless

For California

Unlock the free smartphone and enjoy unlimited local or long-distance calls, global text messages without limitation, and 3 GB of complimentary internet access per month.

For California (Tribal)

Native Californian tribes receive all the same benefits as everyone else, yet with an extra advantage – they get a whopping 5 GB of internet instead of just 3!

For Other State

The remaining states won’t receive anything extraordinary. Apart from the complimentary mobile phone for SNAP beneficiaries, they will get limitless text messages, just 100 minutes of call time and a meager allowance of 100 MB data each month.

Top-Up Plans

As I mentioned before, EnTouch has many plans ranging from $1 to $50. But of course, the availability and cost of internet access depends on where you live. If you are in California or live in tribal lands, then these services may be worth considering due to the additional complimentary features provided. However if not, it’s best to look elsewhere for your service provider as their offerings won’t have much value outside those areas.

6. Q Link

Q Link

Q Link is one of the leading names in offering Lifeline services, and they have provided millions of Americans with free phone service for snap recipients. Applying for a phone as part of the SNAP program could not be simpler! Just visit their website to fill out an application form and submit any necessary proof documents. If all requirements are met, you can expect your contract within five days – it’s that easy!

What’s more, Q Link offers both free and prepaid cell phone plans with unlimited benefits for Lifeline participants across the United States of America. Best of all, their offerings remain consistent no matter where you’re located!

What You Get With Q link

Enjoy a free phone and the luxuries of 1000 minutes for both local and long-distance, never worry about texting with our nationwide unlimited plan, and get 3GB of data each month when you sign up for Q Link Lifeline service.

Top-Up Plans

Talk Only

Get the most out of your budget with Q Link’s one-of-a-kind, daily plan. For only $1, you can get unlimited data usage in just 24 hours! Furthermore, if you’re looking for a thirty day service period at an even better value – grab 500 minutes for only five dollars or choose our fifteen dollar option to go completely limitless on local and long distance calling. Whatever your needs may be, trust that Q Link has got it all covered!

Data Only

Our data plans begin at an economical $1 for 100 MB, and if you choose to upgrade, the price is a mere $40 for unlimited access. Regardless of which choice fits your budget best, all plans are active over 30 days – but be mindful that any remaining usage won’t carry over into subsequent months.

7. FeelSafe Wireless

FeelSafe Wireless

AirVoice Wireless, operating under the FeelSafe Wireless brand name, offers subsidized government phones to families of low-income and disabled individuals in select states. With this service, AirVoice Wireless is helping those who need it most stay connected with their loved ones for free.

At Feelsafe Wireless, we understand that you may have different offers depending on what state you live in. To find out which options are available to you simply type your zip code into our official website and a list of all the wireless services near you will appear! FeelSafe Wireless is similar to other providers, offering free phones and wireless services. But those living in California have the advantage here!

What You get with FeelSafe Wireless

For California

Californians, rejoice! Unlock a world of unlimited local and long-distance talk and texting plus 3GBs of internet each month with our free cell phone service.

For the Other States

Other states have access to 1000 minutes of talk time, 500 SMS messages, 3GBs of web data, and the bonus of a complimentary phone!

How To Apply For The Government Free Phones

You can obtain a free government phone either by applying online or submitting an application offline. To do so, there are certain steps you need to take –

Check The Eligibility Requirements

Depending on the state you live in, eligibility requirements for the Lifeline Assistance Program may vary slightly. However, most of these regulations remain uniform across all US states- recipients must either be enrolled in a federal program or have an annual household income under 135% of the poverty line. After verifying personal information and determining if applicants meet criteria, providers manage accounts accordingly while also abiding by any additional government guidelines that apply to their respective states.

Selection Of A Provider

Finding a trustworthy company is the most important step when obtaining a free phone. There are numerous organizations that provide free cell phones to SNAP recipients, some of which even come from renowned carriers! As such, procuring either a complimentary device or service should not be difficult at all.

What good will all of this do if you can barely use your phone due to poor reception? Therefore, be sure to research the performance ratings of various providers in your area. While large providers may have a solid reputation, they aren’t always accessible in every region. In such cases, local providers that are performing well should not be overlooked or discounted – go with them if they’re doing great!

Apply For Your Free Phone

Now that you have chosen your provider, it is time to begin the application process. Ensure that they offer enough complimentary data and communication services so as to make sure it is worthwhile. The best way to do this is simply by visiting their website – look out for buttons like ‘apply now’ or a similar variant of words! It’s simple, quick, and easy.

If you’re dealing with a provider who doesn’t have an active online presence, sending in your application via mail is the best option. You should not hesitate to take initiative and reach out after two weeks if there’s been no response – reapply using the same or different method, or try calling them or reaching out on social media. Don’t let their lack of contact stop your progress!

FAQ About the free phone for snap recipients

What is the Lifeline Assistance Program?

Since 1985, the Federal Communication Commission’s Lifeline Assistance program has been helping Americans gain access to reliable phone service. It offers a vital lifeline for people in lower-income households who may be unable to purchase or maintain their own cell phone device or plan otherwise.

Do large companies also give away free phones?

In an effort to get consumers connected to its 5G network, T-Mobile is now offering free 5G phones! This is a fantastic opportunity for customers who have been looking forward to making the switch from their 4G service.

What proof do I need to apply?

To qualify, your household income must be at or below 135% of the Federal Poverty Guidelines. You can prove this by providing pay stubs, a W-2 form, or even an official letter from any government agency you’re enrolled in.

Final Verdict

The Lifeline Assistance program is an important initiative that helps low-income households gain access to reliable phone service. To apply, make sure you meet the eligibility requirements and select a provider who can provide a free phone for snap recipients. Once these things are done, you’re ready to move on to the application process.

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