5 Goodee Projector Troubleshooting Guide

If you are looking for a reasonably-priced projector, the brand that is quite popular is Goodee. The brand is quite famous for bringing budget-friendly projectors with impressive features and excellent Goodee projector troubleshooting ideas. It is also well known for the versatile projectors ideal for both your gaming sessions and entertainment uses.

But what happens when you come across some minor troubles while using these products? Such conditions can occur due to multiple reasons. You might be unable to figure out how to set the entire machine. Or there might be some connection issues that can stop the device from working smoothly.

In any of these troubles, you need to know the basic Goodee projector troubleshooting tricks that can help you use the projector without any hassles. Confused? Well, this article focuses on highlighting the major issues that might occur with your projector and easy hacks to help you out. Please keep reading to know more about it.

5 Goodee Projector Troubleshooting Guide

Goodee Projector Troubleshooting

1: Projector Is Unable to Display the Computer or Video Source Screen

It is a common error that you probably might face with your Goodee projector. Firstly, do not panic. It is perfectly fine to come across such troubles. There can be multiple reasons that might cause this condition.

In case your projector doesn’t show the computer screen, it might be because of the lens cover. If it is closed, then you need to take the cover off or open it right away.

You can also try and press the A/V mute button present on the remote control. Another reason for this condition might be the batteries. Make sure to check the batteries used for your remote. If your computer is still in sleep mode, make sure to wake it up by pressing the power button. Apart from this, make sure to check the signal menu settings.

Why? In a few cases, the users fail to choose the right settings for the video source. In case you find it difficult to access these settings, you might reset the control panel menu to rectify all the errors. It is one of the easiest Goodee projector troubleshooting tricks to apply when you face such troubles with the product.

2: Not Able to Detect Projector Input

Another common error that you might face with your projector is that your projector cannot detect the input. Initially, you need to check if it is turned on or not.

If it is plugged properly but still not working, you need to consult the company’s professional services. You can also ask for a replacement for the product if the projector comes under the warranty period.

However, check if the outlet is still working. Make sure to check the regular flow of electricity to the port. Sometimes the power cable might get damaged. Consider the projector latches or the batteries in your remote control.

In the case of the latches, make sure that they are closed. In case they are open, the projector cannot operate. Apart from this, it can also be due to the connection problem. Check the VGA or HDMI cables and whether they are properly docked on their respective ports.

3: Projector is Overheating

It is pretty common for the projectors to become hot while they are in use. And they might even overheat when they require maintenance or cleaning. It can also happen if the projector needs better air circulation. So, before trying out the Goodee mini projector troubleshooting, make sure to check the air passage properly.

And if your projector is randomly shutting down or displaying any warning message, you need to clean the device as soon as possible. In most cases, the projector gains back its activity if it’s cleaned properly.

Also, you need to make sure that no item can block the projector vents. You can also clean the filter as well as the vent and clear out the dust particles.

4: Discoloration of the Projector Image

The images shown by the projector can be discolored due to multiple reasons. However, in general, you need to inspect the current condition of your projector’s VGA cable. In case of any bent prongs, you need to replace the VGA cables as soon as possible. Also, make sure to optimize the color settings and the display for appropriate lightning in the area.

Along with that, make sure to keep a tab whether your lamp requires a replacement or not. And in case none of these works out for you, make sure to give the repair service a call to inspect the current condition of the polarizing plates or the color wheel.

5: Recurrence of Shadows on Your Images

Although this one might not be a common problem, it can be due to the projector’s mainboard mirror. In such a case, make sure to get your device assessed to identify the problem’s exact extent.

Although the mirror repair might be cheap, the mainboard repair might be quite expensive. In such a condition, you might want to check out the new projector. Therefore, in such situations, make sure to detect the right cause before you proceed with any potential troubleshooting strategies. In case you want to invest in a new one, make sure to refer to the Goodee projector reviews for selecting the right product.

FAQs about Goodee Projector Troubleshooting

Q: Why Cannot I Connect My Goodee Projector With My Android Phone?

The simplest way to connect your Android phone with the Goodee projector depends on the right application of the Google Chromecast. And if you aren’t able to connect it properly, you need to double-check the HDMI connections. You need to plug the Chromecast within the HDMI port and wirelessly stream your device screen without any troubles.

Q: Why Is My Projector Producing Such Loud Fan Noises?

You need to check the air vents of your projector to determine the reason behind such noises. Due to blockage or accumulation of debris and dust, the fan can suffer from severe physical damages, leading to the production of such noises.

Q: Why Is The Projector Showing Partial Images On The Screen?

Your projector is showing partial images due to the resolution issue. Check the native resolution of the projector to identify the error. Match the specifications with your desktop or DVD player or refer to the company’s user manual.

Final Verdict

If you have been using Goodee projectors for a while, you might have encountered some of these issues. If you think these issues are quite tricky for you, this article can help you with some unique yet easy solutions.

So, no matter how complicated the situation seems to be, you can always devise a plan to solve it. In case you have some additional Goodee projector troubleshooting tricks to share with the readers here, please comment!