How to connect Phone to Projector using USB?

How to connect Phone to Projector using USB is a common question asked by an array of smartphone users. Who needs a laptop when you have a smartphone? Users fancy a phone with a big screen as it aids with enriching gameplay and video streaming.

It is pretty normal to feel the urge for a bigger screen for smartphone users. When giving a presentation in front of a large audience, you would need something more significant to showcase the contents. Moreover, at times, there can be issues with your laptop.

In that case, connecting your smartphone with the projector is one of the most feasible options. So here are the best tips on how to connect an android phone to projector via USB.     

How to connect Phone to Projector using USB?

How to connect Phone to Projector using USB

1. How To Connect Phone To Projector Via USB?

A large number of projectors these days possess a USB port. And in case you are lucky enough to find the USB port, it is the simplest way to connect your phone. You have to join a cable to both devices. You also have to ensure that the projector is set to the proper input channel. Turn both the devices on to showcase the smartphone’s content on a larger screen. 

2. Using Chromecast to Connect your Phone to the Projector

When compared to how to connect phone to projector using USB, this method is a bit different. If connecting via cables seems too much to you, then this is the most preferred option. The only thing you need here is the Chromecast adapter which would facilitate seamless streaming.   

In some cases, it costs less than $50. With the help of an HDMI port, you can install this Chromecast adapter on any projector. But ensure that the projector supports HDMI networks. Once the connection is successful, Chromecast would showcase your smartphone’s contents via the projector.

But ensure that you disable the power-saver mode on the phone as it can interfere with the stream’s overall quality. It is also essential to ensure that the projector and the phone are on the same network.

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3. Using the USB-C to HDMI Cable

This is another method based on how to connect phone to projector using USB. To be precise, a lot of newer smartphones these days support USB-C. These devices usually charge via a USB-C type cable. So if you have a smartphone that uses USB-C, you can easily connect your phone to the projector.

Make sure that you possess a USB-C to HDMI cable. This cable would connect directly to the HDMI port of the projector from your smartphone. Also, you wouldn’t have to do anything other than securing your USB-C device to the projector.

You also have to ensure that the projector is set to the correct HDMI channel. However, there is a slight drawback in considering this method. For instance, you would experience a lack of power when connecting USB-C to HDMI cable to the projector. That’s why using other wired methods like MHL is an ideal option. In simple words, you can power your smartphone while staying connected.

4. Using the MHL Method to Connect your Phone with the Projector

MHL refers to Mobile High-Definition Link. It is another method based on how to connect an android phone to projector via USB cable. Unlike the newer USB-C variant, MHL cables typically use micro-USB. Also, known as Mobile HD Link, it is an industry-standard interface of AV.

This interface facilitates the connection between portable consumer electronics with projectors and HDTVs. The primary objective of this interface is to make use of existing connectors which use micro-USB. To be precise, this interface also helps the users to avoid using additional connectors on small connectors.

One of the key benefits of the MHL interface is that it will power your smartphone while connected to the projector. But you have to consider some of the aspects to connect your phone to the projector. For instance, the HDMI port of the projector should have the MHL label imprinted.

And if you don’t see one, it won’t power your smartphone. Also, your phone has to support MHL to facilitate connection with the projector. To connect via MHL, you won’t have to do anything on your smartphone. Just connect it with the project via the MHL cable and switch the projector input to the MHL HDMI port.  

5. Connecting your Phone to the Projector via Apps

This method is a bit different from how to connect phone to projector using USB. Projector brands offer their apps, which allow you to facilitate the seamless connection between the phone and the projector. At times, you would face difficulties projecting the entire screen of your smartphone.

However, you would be able to showcase static images or documents via these apps. In short, it is a handy process to present during business meets.

FAQs about How to Connect Phone to Projector Using USB

Q: How to Connect the Phone to the Projector without HDMI?

It would be best if you bought an adapter which is compatible with the projector. This adapter should support Chromecast or Miracast so that your smartphone easily connects.

Q: How to connect an iPhone to the Projector?

To connect your iPhone to the projector, you need to have a projector compatible with the lightning port.

Q: How to Connect Phone to Projector Using USB?

All Android devices out there have micro-USB or USB-C connectivity options. Make sure you use the correct cable so that it can connect your Android device to a projector. Also, the projector should have support for HDMI cable.

Q: Is it possible to control a Projector with the Phone?

Yes, it is possible with the networkable projector remotes.

Final Verdict

Let’s hope that you are now aware of how to connect phone to projector using USB. Ensure that you connect the cables correctly to enjoy endless streaming via the projector. It is a good idea to research the type of projector you would be securing your phone with. In case you face difficulties connecting via cable, consider the wireless methods mentioned above. 

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