How To use the DOTS projector in Phasmophobia

The DOTS projector is one of the most useful pieces of equipment for ghost hunting in Phasmophobia. It can provide strong evidence to help identify the ghost type. Here is a complete guide on how to use the DOTS projector effectively.

What is the DOTS Projector?

The DOTS projector (short for Directed Optical Tracking Sensor) projects a grid of laser dots in the area. If the projected dots are disrupted by the ghost passing through, the projector will detect that movement. This allows you to visually track the path of the ghost.

When to Use the DOTS Projector

The DOTS projector is most effective in larger rooms where there is open space for the dots to be projected over a wide area. Good rooms to use it in include the lobby, hallway, master bedroom, and basement.

Setting Up the DOTS Projector

How To use the DOTS projector in Phasmophobia

Choose a Central Location

Place the projector in a central location in the room so the grid can cover as much space as possible. Face it away from walls and obstructions.

Angle it Properly

Angle the projector so the grid is mostly parallel to the walls and floor. This way the dots cover open areas where the ghost may walk.

Turn it On

Press the power button to turn on the projector. It will take a moment to boot up and begin projecting the dot grid.

Reading the DOTS Projector Evidence

Now that the DOTS projector is set up properly, you need to know how to read the evidence it provides.

Disrupted Dots

If you see dots flicker, move, or disappear, that means the ghost has passed through and disrupted the projection. Take photos of the disrupted dots as evidence.

No Evidence

If the dots remain undisturbed, it may mean the ghost has not walked through the area or is not disturbing them. No evidence is still useful.

Footstep Detections

The projector may audibly announce “footsteps detected”. This confirms the dots were disrupted by the ghost walking through.

DOTS Projector Evidence For Each Ghost

Different ghost types will interact with the DOTS projector in different ways. Here is what to look for with each one:


  • Very likely to set off footstep detections and disrupt dots at all levels of activity. Strong evidence for Spirit.


  • Unlikely to disturb dots during early activity.
  • Starts disrupting dots more during higher activity.
  • Footsteps are rare.


  • Very unlikely to disturb dots or cause footsteps except during high activity hunting phases.


  • Extremely active disturbances of the dots at all levels of activity.
  • Many footsteps detected. Strong evidence for Poltergeist.


  • Occasional dot disturbances during regular activity.
  • Very active dot disruptions when hunting.


  • Can cause very fast dot disturbances that may be hard to visually see.
  • Lots of footsteps detected due to speed.


  • Rarely affects dots or causes footsteps except during hunts.


  • Frequent dot disturbances at all activity levels.
  • Footsteps common. Strong evidence for Revenant.


  • Infrequent dot interactions during lower activity.
  • More regular disturbances at higher activity.


  • Frequent disruptions and footsteps detected during regular activity.
  • Very active dot disturbances while hunting.


  • Irregular dot disturbances and footsteps at all activity levels.
  • Inconsistent evidence.


  • Very active disturbances and footstep detections at all activity levels. Strong evidence for Oni.

Tips for Effective Use

Here are some additional tips for using the DOTS projector effectively:

  • Bring multiple projectors to cover more rooms and increase chances of activity.
  • Combine it with other evidence gathering tools like spirit box, fingerprints, writing book, etc.
  • Pay close attention and document dot disruptions to identify patterns.
  • Be patient. It may take time to capture good evidence.
  • Adjust placement if needed until you find a good position to capture activity.


The DOTS projector is an invaluable ghost hunting tool when used properly. By understanding how to set it up, interpret the results, and combine it with other evidence, you can reliably identify many ghost types with the DOTS projector evidence. Use this guide to master the DOTS projector and start gathering better ghost hunting evidence in Phasmophobia!