Optoma ML750 WXGA Portable Projector Review

Are you a traveling professional and require giving presentations quite often? In today’s highly competitive market, you can grab the best projector under 200 deals when your presentation appeals to the mass in the best manner. To aid in this process, the Optoma ML750 WXGA Portable Projector does an excellent job in assisting the professionals. This ultra-compact LED projector helps you to give in your best no matter where you are or in which situation. The performance and power of this extraordinary device are simply incredible and impressive. It is a palm-sized device and has immense power loaded in it to help people in making their most impactful professional presentations.

Optoma ML750 WXGA Portable Projector Review


  • An incredibly light and small projector
  • Unbelievably bright and powerful
  • Excellent PC-free presentations with the office viewer which gets built-in
  • MHL/HDMI connectivity helps in presentation directly using the mobile device
  • The BI-EXTBGN adapter enables the capability of wireless presentation
  • The LED lighting source is so much powerful that never need to replace the lamps
  • Extremely compact and easy to carry the projector


The model requires more updates as per some of the users which can always be a common issue with any electronic device. Nevertheless, the size and features of the Optoma projector do not fail to impress many out there.

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The office viewer and media player built-in in the device helps in total PC-free presentations. The LED lighting source in the projector is also quite powerful and enhances the quality of the system even more. The accessories that come along with the projector are also quite worth investing in and completes the package totally.

Key Feature Of The Optoma ML750 WXGA Portable Projector

Key Feature Of The Optoma ML750 WXGA Portable Projector

Optoma makes this latest technology of projector packed with several useful features. The device is doing exceptionally well in the market today and is a real boon to the techies. There is nothing like having a palm-sized projector ready in your hands when you go for vital meetings, conferences or other professional gatherings. The Optoma ML750 WXGA Portable Projector is your ideal business and entertainment partner on the go. Some of the amazing features of the product are here below.

LED Technology

The projector utilizes the benefits of LED technology in the best manner. LED modules of green, red, and blue colors help in creating projected images without the requirement of the color wheels. This helps to increase efficiency and lamp life also gets enhanced to about 20,000 hours. This feature is what I love the most as a lot of money and time get saved. The projector remains operational for the longest period of time without any issues.

Instant Off/On

The pack-up and setup time of the projector gets reduced a lot with the feature of instant off/on of the power. The use of LED technology in the device helps the projector to become fully bright in just seconds.


The model weighs about 0.4kg or even less. This makes the ML750 projector compact and ultra-light. You also get the carry case along with the product which makes it even easier to carry on the run.

Vibrant And Bright

The images produced by the model are vibrant, bright and the saturation level is deep. The images feel as if they are bursting out with life. This is owing to the extraordinary color fidelity which the LED technology helps to create. The brightness created is almost double as compared to the other lamp-based projectors in the market.

Native Office Viewer And Media Player

These in-built features in the product help in playing videos and viewing photos directly using the memory inside the device or via a USB stick or the microSD card. You do not need to get the projector connected to any PC or laptop for this. This feature attracted me the most to invest in the device.

Wireless Presentations

Present and share documents, videos, and photos from the tablet or phone using the Optoma projector. This helps in creating a more collaborative and connected experience for all. The display presentations can start instantly which makes the wireless connectivity more seamless to use. Enjoying big-screen presentations that are too cable-free is an amazing experience for all.

What Users Are Saying About Optoma ML750 WXGA Portable Projector?

What Users Are Saying About Optoma ML750 WXGA Portable Projector

This portable projector by Optoma simply blew me away. The presentation is surprisingly bright and I never thought that this tiny device could do such wonders. The images produced by the device are crisp and sharp and offered me perfect entertainment both in my bedroom and living room. Just as multiple other users, I am also incredibly satisfied with this fascinating product. I take this projector to volunteer and work meetings with which I remain connected on the daily basis.

The projector does not occupy much space in your backpack which is also a great benefit for travelers like me. It is truly a great value for money and does all the works that the brand promises to offer to the users.

What’s The Disadvantage Of The Optoma ML750 WXGA Portable Projector?

Every technology comes with certain drawbacks which are quite a normal thing to experience. Some say that the Wi-Fi adapter which comes with the device gets missing in their case. This issue is quite rare but the company must pay attention to this and serve the users accordingly.

Some of the users also have the opinion that the projector is best-suited for small-scale meetings but may not work competently for large meetings and presentations. Durability is also an issue that customers face with this product. Some even find it difficult to get the unit repaired once the warranty period gets over. However, if you can maintain the projector properly, it can last you for a long time without any issue.

How Reasonable Is The Price According To The Optoma ML750 WXGA Portable Projector Specs?

The lamp-free technology used in designing the Optoma projector makes it really stand out in the market for the price that you need to pay. Several latest features have got incorporated into the product which makes it perfect for both office and home use.

The device is HD-ready which enables the users to watch incredible videos and also supports multiple formats of the music files. The vibrant colors, clarity, and depth of the videos and images can never disappoint the users or regret the investment that they make.

The projector connects easily to gaming consoles or DVD players which is an added advantage of the unit in this price range. Even if you are not that much tech-oriented, this projector is going to serve your purpose in the best manner.

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Final Verdict

Optoma ML750 WXGA Portable Projector is a good buy for those who are looking for color accuracy, razor-sharp focus, and high-end performance. The tiny palm-sized device can prove to be your best investment for both entertainment and official purposes. The brand successfully incorporates almost all the much-needed features in this small device without compromising on the quality. The professionals can definitely give it a try and be more confident while presentations.