Optoma UHD38 Review – Compare Optoma UHD38 VS UHD50X

Are you looking for the best 4K projector to buy? Look no further because Optoma UHD38 has what you need. It is not only a high-end product but also an affordable one that will fit your budget. It’s ideal for watching movies at home with your family or having a movie night with your friends.

Optoma UHD38 Review

If you’re searching for the ideal entertainment buddy for your home theater, this is it! Optoma UHD38 projector is a great option for gamers. It has outstanding contrast and may be used in both dark and bright settings.

The 4000 ANSI Lumens and 1,000,000:1 contrast ratio, along with HDCP 2.2 support, make it a great purchase decision. Check out our review to learn more about this fantastic projector!

Optoma uhd38 projector specifications

  • Resolution: 1080p x 3840
  • Brightness in Lumens: 4,000 ANSI
  • Contrast Ratio (Full On/Off) : 1,000,000:1
  • Throw Distance: 4.0′ – 32.7′
  • Lamp life: Up to 15,000 hours
  • Internal Speakers: 10.0 Watts Mono
  • Projection Lens Focal Length : 18.5mm to 21
  • Color Brightness: 100%
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Compare Optoma UHD38 VS Optoma UHD50X True 4K UHD Projector

SpecificationOptoma UHD38 ProjectorOptoma UHD50X Projector
Optoma UHD38 Review
Optoma UHD50X Projector
Resolution1080p x 38401080p x 3840
Brightness4000 Lumens3400 lumens
Contrast Ratio1,000,000:1500,000:1
Dimension10.6 x 12.4 x 4.6 inches‎4.6 x 12.4 x 10.6 inches
Refresh Rate240Hz240Hz
Zoom Function40%+40%+
4k ResolutionSupportedSupported
Built-in speakersYesYes
Lamp Life15,000 hours15,000 hours
Screen Size302″302″
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Key Features of the Optoma UHD38 4k Projector

Key Features of the Optoma UHD38 4k Projector

Image Quality

If you’re looking for an immersive experience in your home theater or if you want to take full advantage of what 4K has to offer, then Optoma uhd50x true 4k UHD projector is a perfect choice. This fantastic projector provides stunning picture quality with 1080p x3840 resolution, and it is guaranteed to be breath-taking.

The contrast ratio (1,000,000:1) also works great to make colors more vibrant and brighter. If you want a projector with exceptional picture quality, this is the one to get!


Optoma UHD38 is a DLP projector that comes in a black case. The front face is made with a plain matte white panel which is quite reflective for projectors.

Although it’s not equipped with a lens cover, you can easily detach and reattach the top part of the case to protect your projector from dust or any accidental damage.

If you look around this projector, you will see that it is one of the most compact projectors on the market, with dimensions of only 9.02″ x 8.13″ x 3.03″. Its small size makes it perfect for home theaters because it doesn’t take much space and its design looks very attractive.

Gaming Quality

Optoma UHD38 is also an excellent choice for gamers. It has 4,000 ANSI lumens, so it produces bright images even in 3D mode. To provide you with an out-of-this-world gaming experience, Optoma used technologies such as Motion Blur Reduction and Frame Interpolation, which decrease motion blur and improve the frame rate.

The result is reduced input lag, and that makes gamers very satisfied. With 3840 x 2160 resolution, you can easily play PC games in 4K quality which means more details and a better gaming experience!

Speaker Quality

Optoma UHD38 has two 10 watts internal speakers that provide you with great sound quality. If the built-in speakers don’t satisfy your needs, you can easily attach external speakers through its 3.5mm audio output and HDMI ARC support. As we mentioned earlier, this projector also features 3D technology so both 2D and 3D games will be more enjoyable.


Optoma UHD38 has a great variety of connectivity options, including one USB port, one 3.5mm audio output, HDMI, and RJ45 LAN support for network connection. There’s also a port to connect an external device such as a gaming console or Blu-ray player so you can enjoy a lot of entertainment options.

HDR10 & HLG Compatible

The Optoma UHD38 projector is HDR10 and HLG compatible. This means you can watch all your favorite movies in stunning 4K HDR with brilliant contrast, deep blacks, vivid colors, and bright highlights, just like you would in real life.

HLG is a new format that broadcasters are starting to use for HDR content. If you’re watching via the streaming media app on your optoma uhd38 bright projector then HLG means better compatibility with all the latest TVs. This means you get higher picture quality compared to SDR content.

Next-Generation Gaming & Beyond

The Optoma UHD38 projector is the next generation of 4K HDR gaming and there’s nothing quite like it on the market. It has a high resolution and amazing contrast levels, so no matter how fast things move in your video games you can still enjoy crystal clear imagery with stunning colors and deep blacks.

It offers 1080p 120Hz or 4K UHD 60Hz gameplay is ideal for PC gamers looking for blur-free pictures and exceptional smoothness, with the latest Microsoft Xbox Series X|S and Sony Playstation 5.

Eye care mode for reduced blue light

The eye care mode reduces the amount of blue light that reaches your eyes. This is perfect for reducing strain on your eyes during presentations or any other time you are working directly in front of the screen. The mode can be easily switched out of so you don’t have to worry about being stuck with it all the time.

Ease of Installation

The Optoma UHD38 projector like the previously reviewed Optoma UHD35 supports connecting to a variety of High Definition devices including gaming consoles, PCs, and more.

To set it up, you will need a square table or any other similar surface which you can use to project on a screen of your choice. The process is very easy and straightforward, so no prior experience with projector installation is required.

Lamp life

This is a very durable projector with its LED light source that will deliver millions of great image quality. Its lamp life is up to 15,000 hours, so you can use it for many years before replacing the lamp.


Last but not least, the price! Optoma UHD38 is one of the most affordable 4K projectors on the market, which means that you don’t have to spend a fortune to enjoy stunning Full HD or 4K images at home.

It’s one of the top-rated home theater projectors. It delivers excellent picture quality and a wide range of connectivity choices, making it ideal for gamers and entertainment rooms.

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What are users saying about the Optoma uhd38 projector

Optoma UHD38 has received a lot of positive customer feedback due to the fact that it offers great 4K quality at an affordable price. Many purchasers who reviewed this projector stated that it provides an incredibly bright and crisp picture with brilliant colors. The contrast ratio (1,000,000:1) also works great to make colors more vibrant and brighter.

Another thing that buyers loved about this projector is that it’s very easy to set up. Whether you are an expert or a beginner, you can easily set it up and use it with its simple menu. Optoma UHD38 is an amazing 4K projector at such an affordable price that will transform your home theater experience!

Disadvantage Optoma uhd38 projector

As with any other product, Optoma UHD38 has some disadvantages, making it less appealing to some users. The first disadvantage is the fact that its speaker quality isn’t on par with its competitors.

Some purchasers stated that the sound quality of this projector isn’t good, so using external speakers through the audio output is recommended for a better experience.

The fact that this product may create a rainbow effect for some users is another disadvantage. The Rainbow effect appears when there’s rapid movement on the screen, which causes a brief flashing of specific colors.

Some users stated that they sometimes see rainbow flashes, but for most customers who play games or watch movies, it’s not a significant issue since the flash isn’t visible while playing games or watching movies.

FAQ Optoma uhd38 projector

Is Optoma UHD38 a Full HD projector?

No, this is a 4K projector that delivers full HD pictures.

Does it have any internal speakers?

Yes, it has two 10 watts internal speakers for great sound quality.

What are the connectivity options of Optoma UHD38?

It includes one USB port, one 3.5mm audio output, HDMI, and RJ45 LAN support.

What is the lamp life of Optoma UHD38?

It comes with a 15,000-hour LED light source, so you may use it for many years before needing to replace the lamp.

Can you use a projector outside?

Optoma UHD38 is designed with a durable casing that makes it suitable for outdoor use. It can be used outside without fear of inclement weather or temperature changes.

Is Optoma UHD38 good for movies?

Yes, the UHD38 projector is good for watching movies on. The color accuracy and contrast levels are excellent so you can always enjoy a bright and vibrant movie experience even during the daytime.

What is the best way to clean my Optoma UHD38 projector?

In order to prevent any type of damage, you should always use a microfiber cloth when cleaning this device. You can buy one from any electronics store or online, and they are very easy to use. Simply wipe the screen down in a circular motion with your cloth until it looks new.

What is the main benefit of 4K HDR?

4K HDR delivers crystal clear images with stunning colors and exceptional contrast, so your games will look amazing even during fast-paced action scenes. There are no motion blur problems involved with this technology, so you can always enjoy fluid visuals.

Is there any way to improve the sound quality of my Optoma UHD38 projector?

You can connect a better pair of speakers to your device, so if you want a cinematic sound experience then go ahead and make a purchase. You can also buy a wireless speaker with great audio clarity and plenty of bass levels if that’s what you prefer.

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Final Verdict

Optoma UHD38’s high-definition picture quality combined with its compact design makes it a perfect projector for your home theater. The sharp images and amazing contrast ratio will bring a different immersive experience to you and your family. If you’re looking for a projector that has a combination of affordability, sharpness, high resolution, and quality, then this is the right product to go!