WiMiUS K1 Projector Review – Why most users like it?

Who doesn’t want the best product to be used to increase efficiency in their workplace? Considering the needs and benefits of the users, WiMiUS has come up with an amazing Bluetooth projector, known as the WiMiUS K1 projector.

WiMiUS K1 Projector Review

The WiMiUS K1 projector uses all the functional features like HD resolution, 4K support, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, and a transparent coated lens with smart echo technology. It is + 20% brighter than another so-called 9500L  projector, making this projector quite popular among the customers. Its 4D keystone correction is Surely effective to make the image much Spontaneous by adjusting it to your eyes. Moreover, it has a storage bag to take this WiMiUS K1 9000L projector with you on various projects or necessary trips.

All in all, this affordable projector provides everything you need to enhance your work efficiency. If you want to go with this high-quality projector considering the combination of features and performance, then carefully observe the WiMiUS k1 projector review before collecting it, here is a description of its features as well as user experience.

At A Glance Wimius K1

  • Compatibility with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connection.
  • Flexible 4D keystone correction feature to make the image easier and more elegant.
  • Small in size but high native 1920 * 1080 resolution capability.
  • It has the ability to control 100-60% zoom function from the same distance.
  • It supports up-to-date features like Fire TV Stick, PC, DVD, PS4, Chromecast, and Roku.
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Compare WiMiUS K1 projector Vs Yaber V6 Projector​​

WiMiUS K1 projectorYABER V6 Projector
Wimius K1 Video Projector
Yaber V6 5G WiFi Bluetooth Projector Overview
The WiMiUS K1 projector measures 8.8 x 8.6 x 4.33 inches and weighs just 3.96 pounds which you can easily carry.The YABER V6 Projector, on the other hand, measures 9.84 x 8.66 x 4.33 inches and weighs 7.39 pounds, which is twice as heavy as the WiMiUS K1.
This projector has 9000 lumens with a resolution of 1920 × 1080 which is very transparent and Evidently.Native Resolution capacity is similar to WiMiUS K1 but Brightness is 8500 lumens. which is 60+% brightness than other mini projectors.
It comes with a 10W dual stereo Hi-Fi speaker to enjoy movies which are great considering its price.On the other hand, YABER V6 Projector brings 6W dual stereo Hi-Fi Speakers for its users.
It comes with a 60% zoom function for projecting on the wall of the house or any equal space.On the other hand, the zoom function of this projector can be reduced from 50% to 100%, which you can control remotely.
It has 5G WiFi and Bluetooth connection capability to be a wireless connection with Android phone and PC as well as Bluetooth speakers.The V6 comes with WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity to mirror videos/photos/games from your smartphone.
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What Users Are Saying About WiMiUS K1 projector

User experience and observer analysis play a huge role in helping you choose the best product. So in order to give you the right idea, we have highlighted the experience of the users in this WiMiUS k1 projector review.

According to users, this projector is a great investment to enhance the performance of any office. While similar in features to the WiMiUS k1 7500, it is much brighter and clearer. Videos with 4K Ultra HD resolution from any device are able to achieve user satisfaction.

They say that WiMiUS K1 projector has Multi-Projection Mode, For this reason, you can easily save space and mount it on the ceiling. With easy portability and storage bag undoubtedly you can carry it anywhere in any situation. Considering its price and features, observers put it on the list of the best wimius projectors and encourage new users to use it.

Key Features Of WiMiUS K1 5G WiFi Bluetooth Projector

Key Features Of WiMiUS K1 5G WiFi Bluetooth Projector

Attractive and functional design

This stylish projector is perfectly designed, with the addition of every functional feature as well as easy management. HD native resolution and 4D screens will captivate you to present clear images and videos. Not only is it lightweight, but it also comes with a storage bag that enhances its portability. Also, this projector of this attractive design allows you to control it remotely.

Connectors & Supports

The projector has plenty of connection ports to enjoy your favorite videos from almost all types of devices, including laptops, PCs, DVDs, or Blu-ray players. Using the projector’s ports you’ll be able to plug in a memory stick, an external hard drive, and much more. Additionally, the compatibility of 5G WiFi and Bluetooth connections makes the operation of this projector much easier.

Also, It comes with Fire TV Stick and Chromecast support capabilities to enjoy a favorite series or movie from a popular application of streaming services.


The lens of this projector is made of glass components for displaying sharp images. The high brightness of 9000 lumens enhances the efficiency of each of your projects to lend itself to Accurate images. ± 50º Vertical and horizontal keystone correction and solution to potential noise volume problems greatly increase the performance of the projector. Also, the (60-100%) zoom function feature to adjust the screen size sets it apart from all the others.

FAQs About WiMiUS K1 projector

How can you connect the WiMiUS K1 projector to Bluetooth devices?

Its Bluetooth function is used to connect this projector to headphones, earphones as well as Bluetooth speakers. In this case, you need to follow a few steps, the first of which is to select Bluetooth mode from the sound menu of the projector. Then you need to connect your Bluetooth device by switching from “Auto Mode” to “Static Mode”. In the last step, you will see and enjoy the “Play” status bar.

How do I connect iPhone or iPad to WiMiUS K1 via WiFi?

To connect WiMiUS K1 to your iPhone / iPad, you must first select the “iOS” option on the projector, which you will find in the menu bar. Then turn on your iPhone / iPad’s WiFi and connect it to the projector. Finally, search the screen mirroring list from the iOS Control Center and select “WiMiUS K1-xxx”.

What kind of warranty does this projector come with?

The LED lamp of this projector provides a long 10-year warranty for the lamp and a 4-year warranty for other parts to present clear images and videos. In this case, replacement is promised in the first year and repair in the next three years.

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Final Verdict

In conclusion of the WiMiUS k1 projector review, we can say that the WiMiUS k1 has come up with the best option depending on your needs. This affordable projector is able to provide you with all the features of the best projector. If you want to increase the efficiency of your office with this projector, collect it now without delay. Hope you enjoyed the review and got all the unknown information about the WiMiUS k1 projector.