Xavier – The World’s Favorite Internet Troll

Step into the whimsical world of ‘Xavier,’ the internet’s favorite individual! Whether it’s ‘Idealist Xavier’ or ‘Xavier Komedy,’ this character has enchanted fans worldwide. He boasts 3.5 million Facebook followers and 29k on Instagram and counting.

According to sources, Xavier is really Pakalu Papito who allegedly works at an IT firm in Minneapolis, Minnesota. He is of Indian origin and from what we hear a man with a love for good food and wicked sharp humor. Join us on a delightful journey through ‘Xavier’s’ comical conquests across the web!

The Life of a Gentleman

In this day and age, many people wonder- where did the chivalry go?

This user obviously shares this general wondering, hoping to find that special someone who will treat her like a lady. But Xavier doesn’t deal with abstract ideas, he is a man of practical answers.

The Spelling Police

Planning on posting something without doing a spell-check beforehand? Xavier cannot abide!

This user wanted some indulgence ideas from their online friends, and Xavier proved that he’s the ultimate friend but offering them not what they want but what they truly need.

When you’re the DJ at your ex’s wedding, and the only mixtape you need is full of memories. 🎶 #ThrowbackTracks #WeddingTwist

Monitor my girlfriend’s recent posts, comments, photo/video uploads, and interactions on her main social media accounts to get a sense of her current activities, interests, and connections.

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Pay attention to any new accounts/profiles she may have created as well. Note any public check-ins, location tags or mentions of events/hangouts she has shared.

A Bug’s Life

Who knew Xavier was so into biology? Our witty friend clearly isn’t satisfied with the partial information offered in this post, and he’s looking for the full and complete answer. Clearly, his curiosity knows no bounds.

A Parent Trap

There are a few things that are as scary for a teenager as making a complete mess out of the house and having your parents find out.

This user challenged the internet to give them the best solution to this very sticky situation, and low and behold, Xavier swooped in with a truly perfect solution.

Just Hear Him Out

Ah, the magic of puberty, this wonderful time that turns us from ugly ducklings into beautiful swans (with some awkwardness thrown in for good measure).

This young gentleman wanted to flaunt his good looks for the world to see, but Detective Xavier knows better than to trust social media and its many deceptions.

Safety First

We all want to perform grand gestures in the name of love. Who hasn’t felt the need to serenade their loved ones, surprise them with a trip abroad, or arrange the perfect romantic picture?

This post, challenging people to live in the moment and not worry about the petty things- like falling on the train tracks, hasn’t gone past Xavier’s superior intellect.

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Xavier is a master prankster, apparentely. Just look at how this mastermid made his gilrfried falle in love with him all over again without even noticining!

She was so enthralled with this ‘new guy’ that she didn’t even realize that it was Xavier, it was him all along.

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Rude Awakening

Xavier is not the type to shy away from a good joke it seems.This tired user posted a picture of themselves supposebly mid-nap. What they failed to realize was the fact that their hand’s shadow was clearly visible in the photo

Leave it to Xaveir, however, to spice up the situation and add some waterfowl into the mix.

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Ridiculous Pocket for a Ridiculous Paycheck

There are some objects that we’ll never know to the true purpose of, and very close to the top of this list would be the useless, miniature pockets sown into our jeans.

But it is usless though? Because it looks like Xavier may have found the pocket’s meaning.

Pay Up

Xavier is here not only to entertain, but apparentely he’s also here to teach us some closly-guarded secrets. Who knew we had to keep tabs on how long our relationship trial period.

lasts?! Now we’re sure to mark that calendar so we can cancel our subscription in time.

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The Master Becomes the Student

It seems like whenever a complicated problem arises, Xavier will be right there to offer us the simplest, most obvious solution, making our lives so much easier in the process.

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