Yaber V6 Projector Review – Truly why it’s the most popular projector?

The remarkable evolution of technology is largely responsible for improving people’s standard of living. Nowadays, one can lead a more convenient, peaceful, and stress-free life because of the presence of an eclectic variety of latest technology-enabled devices or tools. In this article, light has been shed on a cutting-edge gadget that has successfully improved its users’ home theatre experiences. Check out this Yaber V6 projector review if you intend to purchase a top-standard projector at a reasonable price.

Yaber V6 Projector Review

A considerable number of homeowners have bought and installed Yaber V6 in the living area of their homes. Since its launch in the market, Yaber, the reputed home entertainment projector brand that has manufactured it, has been receiving great feedback from all customers. At present, Yaber projector V6 is one of the best-selling and top-rated Full HD image and video projectors. There are quite a few things that give it the edge over other native 1920X1080P resolution projectors.

Keep reading to learn more about the key reasons that compel individuals and businesses to buy and use Yaber V6 these days. You will also be informed of its notable features, some of which undoubtedly help it stay ahead of Yaber Y31.

Key Features of Yaber Projector V6

  • Native 1080P resolution
  • Remarkable 9000 Lumen brightness
  • Bright, sharp, and colorful image
  • Supports Bluetooth 5.0 and WiFi connection
  • Powerful Stereo speakers that create incredible sound effects
  • Zoom function and 4-Point keystone correction 
  • Easy-to-remove dust removal port on the fuselage’s side
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Why Should You Choose Yaber V6 Projector??

  • Well-trained, certified, and versed developers at Yaber haven’t left any stone unturned to develop the V6 projector in such a way to make it stand out. While developing this image and video projection device, they have included an LED light source equipped with highly advanced German technology.
  • Experienced developers have leveraged delicate manufacturing methods and used premium-quality components to create this feature-rich projector.
  • Besides movie-watching and gaming purposes, many use Yaber projector V6 for teaching, training, and showing presentations.
  • V6 offers a remarkably bright-colored huge screen with exceptionally clear and sharp image quality. You can increase the brightness up to 9000 Lumens when you use this projector that has a 10000:1 contrast ratio.
  • The maximum resolution Yaber V6 with WiFi and 5.0 Bluetooth supports is 4K Ultra High Definition. Even it allows users to do screen mirroring without any hassle via WiFi connection.
  • Yaber projector V6 can play Adobe PDF and Microsoft Office documents from a USB stick and allow them to view the same files on the projector. The Smar-Eco technology plays an instrumental role in minimizing lamp power consumption effectively.

You should check out Yaber projector reviews to become more knowledgeable about the vital features of different projectors from Yaber. 

Comparison Between Yaber V6 and Yaber Y31 Projector

Yaber V6 ProjectorYaber Y31 Projector
Yaber V6 5G WiFi Bluetooth Projector Overview
Yaber Y31 Projector
Currently, the V6 projector model from Yaber is the smallest native 1920X1080Px resolution on the market. It is more portable and lighter than other 1080P image and video projectors that nearly cost the same as Yaber V6. Y31 is a bit old yet quite popular projector model from Yaber. It has a native 1920X1080P resolution and 10000:1 contrast ratio, the same as the V6 model. However, its brightness, which is 8500L, is lesser than Yaber V6. Yaber Y31 users still enjoy the immersive audio-visual experience it offers. It can play 4K video hassle-free.
When it comes to home entertainment, there isn’t a better projector than V6, which offers a vivid, sharper and brighter picture. The brightness of it is 9000L while the contrast ratio is 10000:1.It consists of 3W Dual Stereo speakers that have an SRS sound system. Y31 is quite popular for its long-lasting aspect mainly because it comes with the latest advanced cooling system.
Yaber V6 WiFi Bluetooth projector 7500 supports WiFi connection for Android and iOS devices, aside from seamlessly connecting Bluetooth speakers and headsets due to the built-in 5.0 chip.Yaber Y31 features an innovative function that helps users brighten the picture as much as they want with one click. It also has an auto vertical, one-click restore and -20% zoom functions.
It features 6W Dual Hi-Fi Stereo speakers that have an SRS sound system, which helps users enjoy a unique and unrivalled auditory sense experience. You need not invest in external speakers if you bring this amazing projector home.The projection size that this projector offers ranges from 50 inches to 300 inches. It is equipped with a couple of USB and HDMI ports besides one AV and VGA port. It is compatible with multiple devices.
Yaber V6 is well-known for a noteworthy aspect, which is the 4-point keystone correction. It is a much-improved 4D keystone correction, which is capable of effectively adjusting horizontal and vertical directions.The unique Smar-Eco technology helps maximize the useful life of the lamp up to 10000 hours. Yaber Y31 used to be on the list of the best mini projector under 300.
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What users are saying about Yaber V6 Projector

What users are saying about Yaber V6 Projector

Many users feel that it is the most compact and portable projector available currently on the market. Most people like the fact that they can place it in the living room and the backyard without any hassle. Almost every user feels that the Yaber V6 WiFi Bluetooth projector is worth every penny because it offers a brighter, sharper, clear, and vivid picture both inside and outside.

It has a zoom function that enables users to shrink the size of images or moving images to 50% from 100%. To do this, you need to use the remote control, which means you do not have to move the projector manually. The 4P keystone allows users to adjust four corners of the projected image in a user-friendly and convenient way.

While watching a movie at home with the whole family, many users prefer using about 108 degrees diagonal on the size as it looks awesome. Compared to Y31, most customers feel that the fan noise on V6 is quieter, and the menu seems more appealing.

FAQs about Yaber V6 WiFi Bluetooth Projector 

Can I Watch Movies Directly from a USB?

You won’t encounter any problem watching movies besides viewing PowerPoint presentations and different types of text documents directly from a USB.

Does Yaber Provide Technical Support?

Yes, Yaber provides lifetime professional technical support to its customers. Even it also offers a 6-month back and 3-year repair warranty.

How Much Does Yaber V6 Weigh?

Yaber V6 weighs 7.32 pounds. However, you won’t face any problem moving it around.

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Final Verdict

Like most, you may be spoilt for choice when you visit a renowned online marketplace to get your hands on the best Full HD image and video projector within your budget. Know that we have written this Yaber V6 projector review article only after conducting extensive research. Hence, we can assure you that you won’t get a better and more cost-effective, and feature-rich projector than Yaber V6 currently on the market.