Yaber Y21 Projector Review – Compare Yaber Y21 vs Y30

Are you looking for a new projector? You can find one that is perfect for your needs with Yaber. With their Yaber y21 projector, you will get the best viewing experience possible.

Yaber Y21 Projector Review

It has an aperture ratio of 1:1.4 and a contrast ratio of 2500:1 to ensure that every detail in the picture is crisp and clear for amazing viewing experiences. This model also has built-in speakers, so you don’t need to worry about not having any sound! The Yaber y21 projector review is here if you want to learn more or purchase this product today!

Noticeable Yaber y21 projector

  • Portable, compact size
  • Lightweight design, only 3.6 pounds
  • Long-life lamp (100000 hours)
  • Multiple connectivity options
  • Easy to use interface and convenient controls
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Compare Yaber Y21 vs Y30 Projector

SpecificationYaber Y21 ProjectorYaber Y30 Projector


Yaber Y21 Projector Review
Yaber Y30 Projector
Resolution1920 x 1080P1920x1080P
Brightness9000 Lumens9500 Lumens
Contrast Ratio 8000:110000:1
Aspect ratio4:3/16:9/Auto16: 9/4: 3
Dimension9.84 x 8.66 x 4.33 inches11.22 x 10.63 x 4.33 inches
Hardware InterfaceVGA, AV Port, USB, HDMI, HeadphoneVGA, USB, HDMI
Wattage5 watts50 watts
Zoom Function100% -50%50% to 100%
4k ResolutionSupportedSupported
Keystone Correction±50°±50°
Lamp Life100000 hours100000 hours
Projection Size45 “to 350”45″ to 300″
Weight5.7 pounds‎5.8 pounds

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Key Features of The Yaber Y21 Projector

Key Features of The Yaber Y21 Projector

Design and Appearance

The Yaber y21 is one of the most affordable projectors on the market today, and it looks the part of a great device. It is sleek and compact, which means you can take this anywhere for amazing viewing experiences.

This product has an image quality that is like none like its competitors. With an 8000: 1 contrast ratio and 1920x1080P native resolution, this is one of the most detailed projectors on the market. It also implies that you can view photos and videos with amazing clarity.

Picture Quality

The key feature of the Yaber projector y21 is probably its picture quality. It has 1920 x 1280 pixels can make images and videos pop off the screen like you never imagined before.

This device also makes use of RGB sub-pixels to ensure that every image or video you view is sharp, detailed, and clear for your viewing experience. It will be a world of difference when you look at your photographs and videos.

300″ giant screen

The Yaber y21 projector offers the Projection size varies from 45″ to 300″ by distance (5.4-29 ft.), and 10ft is the suggested viewing distance. This Yaber projector will work perfectly when you want to host a movie night with all of your closest friends and family members.

9000L Brightness

This model also has 9,000 high brightness, is over 50% brighter than most small projectors, and serves your eyes better. The 5000L video projector can only be utilized in a completely dark setting, but the YABER Y21 TV projector may also function in low-light situations.

With this projector, you will be able to see your images and videos in the dark without any problems! To make sure that you can get the most out of these amazing features, this device comes with a lamp life of up to 100000 hours. This means that you won’t have to worry about replacing the projector’s lamp anytime soon.

Audio Quality

The y21 projector has an audio quality that is like none other. It comes with a built-in speaker, so you don’t need to worry about hooking up external speakers for your viewing experience.

This device also has amazing volume control and sound system, so you can hear your audio loud and clear at all times. Plus, the projector is a home theater, so it has a surround sound experience with excellent detail. It is going to be one of the best viewing experiences you have ever had!

Zoom Function

This model also has one of the best zoom functions on the market today. It is digital and optical zoom, so it will never lose quality while zooming in on your images.

This device can magnify up to 200 percent, which means that you can get all kinds of different viewing experiences with just one projector!

Wide compatibility

The projector has media compatibility with many different types of files and storage devices. It will automatically play AVI, MP4, MP3, MPEG1/2, WMA, and JPG images with audio function and supports external HDDs up to 2TB.

This device also comes with a VGA port, so you can use it as a secondary display for your laptop or computer. This makes it incredibly convenient to use in just about any situation you want to!

Android and IOS control

The y21 projector has a 3D-DLNA certification that allows access to media contents from Android phones and supports the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad, so you can display images and videos from your Apple device with this wonderful projector. It makes it easy to watch the content that you want when you want.

Portability and Ease of Use

This device also has a very compact size so that it will be in just about any place in no time! This product even comes with a carry bag to easily transport this from one place to another.

It only weighs about 3.6 pounds, which makes it incredibly light for any user. Plus, this device is very easy to use because of its simplicity and user-friendly interface.

Lamp life

The Yaber y21 projector has a lamp life of up to 100,000 hours which means that you can use it for long periods of time without worrying about replacing the projector’s lamp. This device also uses RGB LEDs to ensure that every image or video is sharp and detailed.

Great customer service

This company offers some of the best customer services on the market. YABER representatives are there to answer questions, offer support, and ensure that you have a great experience with your projector. They also provide warranties on all of their products, so there is no risk involved in buying or checking out this device!

Advanced Double-sided Cooling System

This product comes with an advanced cooling system which ensures that this device will never overheat. The projector also uses LED lights to ensure that the lamp life lasts longer and remains cooler because of its lower heat emissions. This means that you can use it whenever, wherever, and for however long you need to without any problem!

Multiple uses

This projector can be used in just about any situation that you are in. Whether you are at home or work, this device will provide an amazing viewing experience no matter where you are! You’re going to love all of the features that come along with this product.

What are users saying about the Yaber y21 projector?

Users love this projector for its fantastic design and compact size. It is convenient to bring and use in just about any situation, especially since it has a carry bag that you can throw over your shoulder and take with you wherever you go.

The zoom function makes it easy to see all kinds of details on the images or videos that you play through it. Plus, this projector is very easy to install because of its plug-and-play technology so that you can enjoy it right away.

FAQ About Yaber Y21 Projector

Is this device portable?

Yes! This product comes with a very compact design that will fit into a small space without any problem! Plus, it only weighs about 3.6 pounds, so you can easily take this from one place to another with ease.

Can I use this as the main display for my computer or laptop?

This product does come with a VGA port, so you can use it that way if you want to. However, the quality of the image may not be as good when you hook up your computer or laptop via VGA compared to using this device on its own. If you are planning on watching video content, this is fine, though!

Does this product have a remote control?

Yes, this device does come with a remote control that you can use to make it easier to play content through this projector. It makes it easy for you to pause, slow down, or fast forward!

Does YABER Y21 have Bluetooth?

Yes! YABER Y21 has Bluetooth functionality, so you can use this projector with a variety of media devices that have a Bluetooth connection.

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Final Verdict

Yaber y21 projector review is a great little device for anyone who wants to enjoy Netflix, YouTube, and Hulu with their friends in the living room. With its ability to project onto screens up to 100 inches or bigger, this lightweight gadget can turn your old TV into an entertainment system that will blow you away.

There are plenty of other features on offer, including wireless connectivity, 3D capabilities, and compatibility with all major operating systems, including Android and iOS. The only downside? You’ll need to get yourself some extra cables if you don’t have any HDMI inputs already built-in at home!