Artlii Energon 2 Review – Does it better than Artlii Enjoy 3?

If you’re in the market for a new projector, then you’ll want to check out the Artlii Energon 2 projector. This projector is perfect for home theater use or presentations in the office. Plus, it’s budget-friendly, so it’s perfect for anyone on a tight budget.

Artlii Energon 2 Review

We’ll take a closer look at the features of the Artlii Energon 2 and find out why it’s such a popular choice among projector fans. So, if you’re curious to know more about this Artlii Energon 2 review.

Noticeable Features of Artlii Energon 2 projector 

  • Native Resolution: 1920×1080
  • Brightness: 340 ANSI Lumens
  • Contrast Ratio: 2000:1
  • Aspect ratio: 4:3/16:9/
  • Color Gamut: 80%
  • Keystone Correction: ±15° Manual Vertical
  • Zoom: 60% to 100%
  • Project Size and Distance: 44-250 inches, 5-27 feet
  • Wattage: 150 watts

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Compare Artlii Energon 2 vs Artlii Enjoy 3 Projector

Specification Artlii Energon 2 Projector Artlii Enjoy 3 Projector
Image Artlii Energon 2 Projector Artlii Enjoy 3 Projector
Resolution 1920x1080P 1920x1080P
Brightness 340 ANSI Lumens 200 ANSI lumens
Contrast Ratio 2000:1 2000:1
Dimension 12.2 x 10.24 x 4.33 inches 7.48 x 9.06 x 3.74 inches
Wattage 150 90.00
Refresh Rate 60HZ 60Hz
Zoom Function 60% to 100% 75% to 100%
Hardware Interface VGA, Bluetooth, USB, HDMI VGA, HDMI, USB 2.0
Keystone Correction ±15° ±15°
Color Gamut 80% 80%
WLAN Yes Yes
Projection Size 44″ to 250″ 45″ to 300″
Color Black White
Weight ‎5.72 pounds 3.33 pounds
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Key Features of the Artlii Energon 2 Projector

Key Features of the Artlii Energon 2 Projector


This projector features a 1920×1080 resolution. It means you can enjoy your favorite games and films in stunning HD quality. Plus, the 4:3 aspect ratio will help ensure that all of your content looks as it should on this projector.


With a brightness of 340 ANSI lumens, this projector offers a bright enough picture for most home theater setups. This means that you can enjoy your favorite movies and TV shows in the dark as you would at the cinema. In addition, this projector is perfect for presentations as it’s bright enough to ensure a clear image even in brightly lit rooms.


To make it easy to carry around, this projector has a compact design. It’s not much bigger than a lunchbox, which means that you can transport it between rooms with ease. You could even take it with you to work as long as you have access to an outlet.

Versatile Digital Connectivity

The Artlii Energon 2 features an MHL input so that you can connect other devices to it wirelessly. This means that projector users are no longer limited to playing content from laptops or Blu-ray players. You can even connect your smartphone via the USB port, which makes this projector perfect for presentations!

Sound Quality

Artlii projector Energon 2 has two built-in speakers, so it doesn’t need an external sound system. The speakers produce a good quality sound output and you can easily hear the dialogue in movies and TV shows without having to connect external devices.

Cooling system

To ensure a cool operating temperature, this projector has a built-in fan. A thermostat regulates the fan, allowing the projector to turn on only when necessary. This helps to keep it from overheating and prolongs its life.

Lightweight and Portable

Weighing only 3.3 pounds, this projector is lightweight and portable. You can take it with you on business trips or even move it between rooms at home. Plus, the compact design means that it will fit in most storage spaces, so it won’t take up much room in your office or living room.

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What users are saying about the Artlii Energon 2 Projector

The Artlii Energon 2 projector has received 5 out of 5 stars on Amazon. Users love that it’s both lightweight and portable, making it perfect for use anywhere.

Plus, the fact that you can connect your smartphone via the USB port is a huge bonus as most projectors don’t have this capability. Here are some real user reviews for this model to help you decide if it’s right for you.

The projector is exactly as described. It has a good amount of weight (4lbs.), which gives the feeling that the product is sturdier than others. I like that I can use my phone to watch movies, TV shows, and even presentations. I would recommend this projector to everyone. It’s so easy to use and has a variety of different inputs.

This is the perfect laptop projector for presentations, especially if you want to avoid using your data allowance. You can simply connect your laptop or tablet with an HDMI cord.”

How to set up Artlii Energon 2 projector?

  • Connect your laptop or tablet to the Artlii Energon II by using an HDMI cord. If your device only has a USB-C connection, you can purchase an adapter to use with your HDMI cord. The projector uses adaptive display technology that enables it to detect what kind of device is plugged in and adjust the settings accordingly.
  • Turn on your laptop or tablet and open up the video file you want to watch. To project from a phone, download an app like Google Chrome or Miracast and make sure it’s open.
  • Adjust the zoom and focus of the image to ensure it is clear and easy to see. You can also play with the height adjustment if you want the picture higher or lower on your wall.
  • Ensure that your laptop or tablet is sending out audio through the HDMI cord. If it is, you will see your device’s audio listed on the projector screen; if not, you’ll need to connect external speakers or headphones via one of the available ports.
  • Use either the remote control or buttons on your laptop to play the video and enjoy!

Disadvantage Artlii Energon 2 projector

Like many larger projectors, this model is a bit complicated to use. Although it has a remote control, you’ll need to adjust the settings manually by turning knobs and pressing buttons on the actual projector. Some users have also reported that the fan makes a low humming noise, which can become irritating over time.

FAQ About  Artlii Energon 2 projector

Q: Is the Artlii Energon 2 projector compatible with all operating systems?

Yes, this model is compatible with Windows, Mac OSX, and Linux/Unix operating systems, so you can connect your PC or laptop to it with ease. It’s also compatible with game consoles like the PS3 and Xbox.

Q: Does the Artlii Energon 2 projector have a manual focus ring?

Yes, this model has an adjustable manual focus ring, so you can fine-tune the picture to your liking. This makes it perfect for presentations as you can ensure that your audience sees what they’re supposed to.

Q: Does the Artlii Energon 2 projector have a remote control?

Yes, this model comes with a wireless remote control so you can switch it on and off from across the room. It also allows you to adjust the settings without getting up.

Q: How can I watch Netflix / Disney+ / Amazon Prime video films?

To play Netflix/Disney+/Amazon Prime video on Artlii Energon 2 projector, you need to install the Chromecast plugin or HDMI dongle. Then you can stream videos with HDCP unauthorized errors away. Note that it only supports live streaming services like Netflix, Disney+, Amazon Prime Video, not download movies.

Q: How to watch 4K videos on Artlii Energon 2 projector?

To play 4K movies on your new Artlii Energon 2 projector, you need to meet the following conditions:

  • Your device must support MKV/MP4/MOV/TS/AVI video format fully;
  • It is better that your device support H.265 codec as the projector will not smooth playback HDCP unauthorized video with H.264/H.263 codec;
  • This projector only works with iPhone, iPad, Android Phone, and Tablets. Windows Mobile devices do NOT work at all!

Q: Where can I get the user guide instruction video?

You can download the user guide instruction video from the below link. You just need to input the Energon+II projector model number and click download.

Q: Do I need to clean the dust filter regularly?

Yes, We recommend cleaning the dust filter at least once a month. However, it’s important to do so more frequently if your air conditioner is working 24 hours each day.

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Final Verdict

If you’re looking for a heavy-duty model that has a bright enough picture for presentations, the Artlii Energon 2 projector is an excellent choice.

It’s affordable and compact, making it perfect for taking with you when traveling as well as use at home. This makes it suitable for both business and personal use.