How to use a Projector outside during the Day?

How to use a projector outside during the day is a common question asked by many people out there. With COVID-19 restricting our plans to visit various destinations, people are busy reinventing ways to enjoy indoors.

And as this time is a little different from others, people are trying to maximize their backyards and patios. To be precise, setting up a projector outdoors to stream movies is the ultimate way to enjoy. During broad daylight, you have the option to enjoy video content from the comfort of your outdoor space.  

Undoubtedly, using a projector is the best alternative to visit multiplexes for movies. It goes without saying that to use a projector during the day; should have high levels of brightness. With these things in mind, let’s see can you use a projector outside during the day.

How to use a Projector outside during the Day?

How to use a Projector outside during the Day?

1. Weather Conditions should not be Extreme

While watching movies and TV shows on projectors outside, ensure that the weather conditions are not extreme. It is quite normal for homeowners and families to make the most of their outside spaces. If you are searching for solutions for how to use a projector outside during the day, be aware of weather conditions.

Specific weather conditions can severely affect your experience of movie watching. It can even affect the performance of your projector. For instance, during overcast conditions, rain and wind can render the projector defective. So it is always a good idea to consider the weather conditions before embarking outdoors to watch a movie via a projector.  

2. Clean the Screen

There is no denying the importance of a shaded area from where you can watch the movie. We always tend to downplay the significance of the projector screen. But note that cleaning the screen before mounting or installing it outdoors is important.

And if you are using a very old screen, it becomes necessary to clean it thoroughly. In case you don’t know, projector screens can develop a patina over years of usage. Using the best projector screen for the outdoors is an ideal way out in these types of situations.

You wouldn’t be able to differentiate between shapes and colors if the projector screen is dirty. If that is the case, use lukewarm water to clean the screen. This would help things get back in order until you order a new one.

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3. Select the Right Time of the Day

If you want to know how to use a projector outside during the day, select the right time of the day. For instance, it hardly makes any sense to watch movies outdoors under a blazing sun. Selecting the right time of the day will depend on how bright it is outside.

The brightness of the sun is also measured in lumens. On an average summer afternoon, the sun would emit around 5000 to 10000 lumens. Also, considering setting up your projector screen in some sort of shade would be useful. So avoid watching movies outdoors with your projector in broad daylight. Note that the best time to watch a movie outside via a projector is an hour before sunset.   

4. Buy the Right Projector

Many people tend to ask how to use a projector outside during the day without considering buying the right one. In short, if your main aim is to watch movies outdoors, you just cannot go out and buy any type of projector.

In other words, you need a projector which has been specially designed to help you watch movies outdoors in daylight. It would be best if you went for a projector with high levels of lumens to help you cope with the ambient light outside.

For instance, always opt for a projector that has a minimum brightness of 5500 lumens. Note that 5500 lumens of brightness are not usually supported by standard projector models. You have to opt for a specialized one to be able to watch movies outside.     

Moreover, it would be best if you bought a projector which comes with a sound system built-in. Note that connecting to external speakers can be an issue. And when you are connecting external speakers, you also have to search for a power source.

5. Significance of Reflective Display

Note that you usually need two main device parts to watch a film outdoors- the screen and the projector. If you want to know how to use a projector outside during the day, be aware of the fact mentioned earlier. Ideally, the projector should emit 5000 lumens of light.

But at the same time, the projector screen should feature a reflective display. Screens with the reflective display are the latest innovation and can fend off sunlight. Note that these screens can also create stunning and colorful images. They usually tend to be expensive but offer you a great deal of practicality.

6. Select the Right Location

While watching movies outdoors through a projector, you should select the right location. If you place the screen in full sun glare, even with tons of lumens, you wouldn’t be able to enjoy it. The best solution to how to use a projector outside during the day is to choose the right place.

You need to assess the best place in your backyard from where the movie viewing experience would be top-notch. If you don’t have a shaded area, consider placing it under a tall tree. Selecting the right location is quite imperative to get the most out of your movie viewing experience.   

FAQs on How to Use a Projector Outside During the Day

Q: What to use a Projector Screen Outside?

Paint and spandex are the best alternatives to a projector screen in case you don’t have one.

Q: What should be the Color of the Projector Screen?

White should be the color of the projector screen.

Q: Which Projectors are useful in Outdoors?

Projectors with a high lumen count are the best option outdoors.

Final Verdict

Let’s hope that you are now aware of how to use a projector outside during the day. Follow the above tips carefully to get the most out of your movie-watching experience. Investing in a good projector with a good lumen count is an ideal option.