Vankyo V600 Vs V630 : Which Provides Better Performance?

With the advent and wide availability of an extensive range of functional electronic devices, people’s lives have become easier these days. Even a decade or two ago, getting hands-on a device like an image projector was significantly challenging. Neither a top-quality projector was readily available, nor was it easily affordable. Things have changed remarkably with time, which is why nowadays, one can purchase a projector with a single click from the comfort of their home or on the go.

Vankyo V600 Vs V630 : Which Provides Better Performance

In this article, light is thrown on two different projector models from the same brand Vankyo, which has an excellent reputation in the market. A considerable number of people buy Vankyo projectors for personal or work purposes. When one becomes cognizant of the differences between Vankyo v600 vs v630, one won’t encounter any issue making the right choice. If you are also interested in getting yourself a feature-rich projector that Vankyo manufactures, give this article a thorough read.

It is also worth mentioning that both these Vankyo projector models are popular among many people primarily because of their ability to display a notably vivid, colorful, large, and clear picture. The differences between Vankyo v630 vs v600 are subtle. However, the variations in experiences these projector models ensure are immense. Also, there isn’t a significant difference in the price of these Vankyo Full HD projectors.

To help you buy the right projector that will meet all your specific needs, our technical experts conducted a thorough assessment of these projectors’ performance, design, build, and features before we began writing this article. Let’s find out without further ado that in which projector model you should invest.

Noticeable Features of  Vankyo Performance V600 Projector

  • In comparison to any 720P projectors, the details that Vankyo V600 brings are three times more. It is mainly because of the native 1920X1080 resolution, aside from the 5000:1 contrast ratio.
  • Many people use this particular projector for professional purposes because it delivers outstanding images.
  • Vankyo V600 is 80% brighter than many other projector models from different brands. The display it ensures is up to 300 inches.
  • It boasts a perfect contrast for business and academic presentations.
  • Vankyo V600 LED projector is equipped with an ultimate long-lasting lamp. Even if one uses it for 2-3 hours at a stretch daily, it will remain functional for over ten years.
  • This specific projector model from Vankyo helps users get rid of much hassle owing to the versatile digital connectivity aspect. Users can easily project full high-definition presentations using laptops, desktops, smartphones and streaming devices.

Noticeable Features of  Vankyo Performance V630 Projector

  • This amazing projector model from Vankyo comes equipped with a native resolution 1920X1080. The contrast ratio of V630 is the same as V600 – 5000:1.
  • Be it for home theater purposes or business presentations, this can project an exceptionally brighter picture and fulfill users’ audio-visual criteria.
  • There are only a few projectors that have a 300 inches mega projection screen like Vankyo V630. Vivid colors and crystal clear pictures create a profound impact on users/viewers.
  • Compared to a lot of projectors that allow users to do a manual and vertical correction, V630 with an electronic keystone enables users to do both horizontal and vertical correction. It is easy to adjust image distortion from the remote control as this projector model offers a ±15º correction manually and ±45º digitally.
  • This one is compatible with PCs, Laptops, PS4, Fire TV Stick, and Chromecast. Hence, a user can mirror a smartphone or any other device mentioned above wirelessly and in no time get access to mostly used applications.
  • Vankyo V630 is the best projector for daylight viewing.
  • It consists of a cooling system that uses heat dispersion technology.
  • V630 model can cut 80% of the noise that fan makes as it employs a noise-reducing technology.
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What are the Differences Between Vankyo Performance V600 vs V630 Projector

Vankyo V600 Vs V630 : Which Provides Better Performance

Appearance and Design 

In terms of appearance, the difference between v600 vs v630 is well evident. The Vankyo V600 is more compact in comparison to the V630 model. The grey metal look of v600 is quite appealing to the eye.

The Vankyo V630 projector model has a relatively contemporary and minimalist appearance. The complete white exterior of the projector is complemented beautifully by a grey mesh finish on the front and back.

Speakers of V600 are at the rear end, whereas, in the case of V630, speakers are on the front.

To ensure easy maintenance and longevity, Vankyo has added an external mesh to the fan of the V630. In the V600 model, one such mesh isn’t there.

Performance and Quality

Know that there won’t be any frame drops when you use the V600 projector, which consistently displays a 1080p resolution image at 60 Frames per Second (FPS). The Vankyo V630 models can’t do the same in a consistent manner.

The V600 model fans generate unwanted noise (69dB -70dB) irrespective of the runtime or load. But, the Vankyo V630 projector model is relatively quiet. Hence, most people buy the Vankyo V630 projector. Many users consider it as the best projector under 300.

Compared to the output of Vankyo V630, the V600 model’s output seems more out of focus. The middle portion of V630’s output looks sharper than Vankyo V600.

Properties and Operation Method

There is a difference between Vankyo v630 vs v600 when it comes to the keystone correction aspect. The capabilities of the V600 model are limited compared to the V630 projector. It allows users to sit back and enjoy movies at home or carry on with presentation as the Auto Adjust feature makes automatic adjustments effectively.

The V630 projector displays a more vivid and vibrant picture than the V600 model. Most users buy V630 as it displays a more color-specific picture than V600, which outputs a bit warmer image.

Despite differences between v630 vs v600 models, the repair warranty period Vankyo offers is the same for both projector models, which is three years.

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Final Verdict

In comparison to Vankyo performance v600 vs v630, it is well apparent that the V630 model stays ahead of the V600 one. Starting from appearance and design to properties and function to performance – Vankyo V630 beats the V600 model. Therefore, get yourself the Vankyo V630 Full HD projector that would be worth every penny.