6 Auking Mini Projector Troubleshooting Guide 2023

How about spending quality time with loved ones and enjoying the theatre experience at home? Won’t it be the best plan to spice up weekends? If you couldn’t agree more, then bring home the feature-rich and cost-effective Auking mini projector. You will witness how this latest technology-enabled projection device converts your living room to a home theatre in no time.

Undeniably, because of the LED lights that this portable projector from Auking features, a user can increase the brightness to +35%. Eventually, this specific option helps boost the quality of the projected image or video and allows viewers to enjoy a cinema hall-like ambiance. Aside from the latest movies, TV series, and music videos, it’s suitable for high-graphics games as well.

Even you can connect it through your smartphone hassle-free. Despite so many pros, in this Auking mini projector troubleshooting guide, you will learn about several issues that this projector sometimes develops. However, you need not worry because we have shed light on the best ways to resolve the problems with utmost ease.

So, before moving ahead and make you aware of the issues and solutions, let’s look at the simple steps to set up the Auking lightweight projector in a quick time. Read the Auking projector troubleshooting article thoroughly so that you gain a clear understanding of what typical problems you could face owing to the projector and how to troubleshoot the same effectively.

6 Auking Mini Projector Troubleshooting – Problem and Solutions

Auking Mini Projector Troubleshooting

While using the Auking projector, which is the best mini projector under 500, similar to a lot of users, you too could face various issues. Please read the following to know the reasons that tend to bring about the typical problems and how to fix them.

1. Projector Fails to Turn On

If you come across one sudden day that your Auking projector isn’t turning on, all you need to do right away is check whether the cable is properly connected. The projector doesn’t turn on when there’s a loose connection. You should also check the projector’s temperature because it takes time to turn on when it gets overheated.

In such a case, take your heated projector to a cooler room for ventilation. Replace the existing lamp with a new one if the lamp hours are exhausted. Doing these will help you troubleshoot this particular problem. Resort to this Auking projector troubleshooting guide whenever you need any help.

2. Projector Isn’t Displaying any Images

On noticing that the projector isn’t projecting any images on the projection screen, you should check whether you have correctly connected the cables with the projector. You must check if you have removed the cap of the projector lens. Also, keep in mind that it’s essential to connect the cables in standby mode.

3. Temperature Problem

It is of prime importance to switch off your Auking mini projector after unplugging the power cord if you find out that the projector’s inside temperature has risen too high. Take your projector to an air-conditioned room to ensure it with maximum ventilation. Allow it to cool down and then turn it on. Do this to bring an end to the temperature issue.

4. Keystone Distortion Issue

If your Auking projector develops the keystone distortion issue, know that you can troubleshoot the same in a minute. All you need to do at first is press the 3D Reform key on the remote controller. Then select maximize or minimize button to make sure that both sides of the projected image are parallel.

You need to align the picture along its corresponding side. Repeatedly perform the steps to correct them and once it’s done, press the key to exit. Even the best mini projector under 1000 sometimes develops this specific problem.

5. Projector Audio Problems

Not to worry if you discover one day that no sound is coming from the projector. You should check whether the audio cord is correctly connected to the projector’s audio input. It is equally crucial to ensure that you have connected the audio out properly to your speaker. Now, all you need to do is adjust the level of volume so that it’s decently audible.

6. HDMI Cable Problem

It is one of the most common Auking projector problems. Everyone who checks out this Auking mini projector troubleshooting can effortlessly resolve this particular issue. Suppose the High-Definition Multimedia Interface IN is easily switchable between ENHANCED and NORMAL for every user with an audio-video device with an HDMI cable. In that case, you have to select the former option instead of the latter. Correctly following the step will help troubleshoot the HDMI problem.

How to Installation Auking Projector Step by Step

How to Installation Auking Projector
  • Firstly, you have to set the screen and as well as the projector. You should make a selection of the screen where you wish to view projected images or videos. Then, position the projector at a certain distance from the projection screen. The size of the projected image expands with the increase in the distance between screen and projector.
  • Right after then, create a connection between your laptop/PC and Auking projector through a DVI-to-HDMI cable. You must carefully connect the HDMI IN connector of the mini projector to your laptop/PC.
  • You should now connect your projector to the audio output of your PC/laptop. You have to keep in mind that you need to switch off both the projector and PC/laptop before you connect the DVI-to-HDMI cable.
  • To monitor the image you intend to project, it is paramount to connect a separate monitoring device.
  • After the completion of the above step, you should connect the HDMI output of your notebook-type laptop or PC to the HDMI IN of your Auking projector.
  • Once you are done connecting your DVD player with the component output, you will see that a component signal is being displayed.
  • You should form a connection between it and the VCR.
  • To enable the projector to render a Local Area Network (LAN) connection via the LAN wire, you have to assign the IP address to it.
  • Ensure that the power cable is connected correctly to the projector, switch on the projector’s main power, and press the power button.

Final Verdict

See, no matter how enhanced quality home theatre projector you buy, one or the other issue would arise at one point in time, and you have to deal with the same. Invest in a cost-effective Auking mini projection device without a second thought. If you take care of it well, you may be able to use this projector for a longer time.

Whenever any of the aforementioned issues occur with your projector, all you have to do is execute the troubleshooting steps properly. Fix common projector issues all by yourself in no time and enjoy the theatre-like experience at your home sweet home.