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XGIMI MOGO Pro Vs Nebula Capsule 2 – Which is best and why?

Everyone wants to keep pace with the times and get a touch of modernity in every aspect of his technology. One of the best inventions of this technology is a projector, which is great for both your office work and home entertainment. In today’s review, we will describe two amazing discoveries known as Xgimi mogo pro vs nebula capsule 2 projectors.

XGIMI MOGO Pro Vs Nebula Capsule 2

Xgimi mogo pro vs anker nebula capsule ii Both projectors win the hearts of the users with their amazing features and functionality. Although they are small in size, their features and performance surpass the best projectors which are truly incredible. These artistically designed projectors come with the capability to meet all your needs.

Stay with us till the end of the review to know why these projectors are the best and what are the differences between XGIMI MOGO Pro Vs Nebula Capsule 2.

Comparison Chart – XGIMI Mogo Pro vs Nebula Capsule 2 Projector

SpecificationXGIMI MOGO ProNebula Capsule 2


Xgimi Mogo Pro Projector
Nebula Capsule II Smart Mini Projector
Resolution1920 x 10801280 x 720
Brightness300 Lumen200 Lumen
Battery compactYesYes
Battery capacity240 minutes210 minutes
Aspect ratio16 : 916 : 9
Wattage144 watts30 watts
4k ResolutionSupportedNo
Built in speakersYesYes
Throw Distance2.17m – 1.59 m2.17m – 1.59 m

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What are the Differences Between XGIMI MOGO Pro vs Nebula Capsule 2 Projector

Among the Xgimi mogo pro vs nebula capsule 2 portable projectors, the Xgimi Mogo Pro will be the best in terms of good performance on a good TV or a home-theater projector.

Basically, these two projector brands are universally qualified as mini projectors. However, comparing nebula capsule 2 vs xgimi mogo pro, specifically, I think XGIMI MOGO Pro is better. Because of its superior requirements, features and design seemed unique to me.

Due to inexperience about the images and features quality, many people make a wrong decision in the selection of the right product. I think it is positive to choose Nebula capsule ii for you if it will provide the right quality image and good sound from all sides and will work the way it should.

The Xgimi Mogo Pro Projector is about six inches high and after being charged, up to four hours standing with its own rechargeable battery.

There are many differences between the Xgimi mogo pro and other 150 ANSI or 200 ANSI portable projectors on the market. The XGIMI MoGo Pro delivers high resolution, colorful, bright, and sharp images that are far superior to other common projectors. You may also consider Optoma UHD30 vs UHD50X, Epson 2100 vs 2150, Yaber Y30 vs Y31.

Xgimi Mogo Pro Projector Overview

Xgimi Mogo Pro Projector

XGIMI MOGO Pro projector is a simple device for you to use and the company has also used a good quality design in it. It is 5.71 x 4.13 x 3.78 inches in size and you can buy it in grey color.

Because of its small size, the XGIMI MOGO Pro is called a portable or pocket projector, which is really awesome. So you can easily carry it from one place to another, plus you can easily carry it in your clothes pocket, jacket or any bag.

Noticeable of Xgimi Mogo Pro Projector

  • Realistic Cinematic Projection with 100+ inches huge display
  • 1080P resolution with 4k supported
  • 5000+ apps with the Official Android TV System
  • 300 ANSI Lumens
  • Keystone rule projection
  • Harman-Kardon Premium sound apply
  • Able mirror phone via Chromecast
  • Google Assistant – voice control
  • HDMI, USB & WLAN supported
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Key features of  The Xgimi Mogo Pro Projector

The XGIMI MOGO Pro has 1080P full high-definition resolution, which will help you see very clear and sharp images as expected. For the brightness level above its portable projector uses roughly 300 ANSI Lumens.

Excessive bright light or daylight can have a somewhat negative effect on its image. So, for best quality results you can try using a projector in a dim environment. Hope you get the highly desired result.

Google Assistant Voice Controller is provided for your convenience. With it, you can download 5000+ apps from Google Play Store. There will also be user interfaces in 52 languages.

2x3W Harman-Kardon speakers are used in this mini projector to create a powerful sound. Which is pretty cool. You can also use XGIMI MOGO Pro as a Bluetooth speaker. You don’t have to worry about running out of energy while enjoying the big screen. Because this projector uses a built-in 10400 mAh battery. So you have no reason to worry about it.

It has an autofocus function of 10000+ points, through which it can easily lift all objects and angles. It features four-angle 40+ degree keystone correction.

The special feature of this is its live transmission. You can enjoy movies, music, games, sports, etc. effortlessly from any smartphone. Especially for other conveniences, you will get HDMI, USB, WLAN, Bluetooth to connect.

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Nebula Capsule II Mini Projector Overview

Nebula Capsule II Mini Projector

The Nebula Capsule II is small in size and looks very attractive on the outside. Although small, it has multiple advantages with outstanding features.

If you compare the number of mini projectors currently on the market in terms of design, one of the best designs of the Nebula Capsule II will catch your eye. In the market, you will find the color of this unique projector in full black color.

Noticeable Features of Nebula Capsule II

  • Small but high technology
  • Android Tv 9.0 & DLP
  • 200 ANSI Lumen with 720 HD Portable
  • Able to be equipped with an Android TV
  • Instant Google Assistant
  • 5000+ apps features
  • Link your favorite apps from (Android, iOS, Mac)
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Key features of Nebula Capsule 2 Projector

The projector may be much smaller in size but this mini portable projector uses advanced technology. Mini Portable Nebula Capsule 2 projector equipped with an Android TV 9.0 system for users, so you can enjoy everything as a medium of home entertainment like movies, TV shows and games, and sports.

No worries! because it allows you to easily access all the entertainment. Moreover, for your convenience, Google Assistant will give you instant access to all your entertainment.

You can download all your favorite apps, such as Amazon Prime, Hulu, YouTube, Twitch, etc. The device also has the great feature of 5000+ applications that will enhance the convenience of your work.

There is an opportunity to use any app through links with other special media such as Android, iOS, Mac, or Windows computers. This projector also has features like Chromecast.

One of the features of Nebula Capsule II is its timing. In whose presence you can spend a lot of time. Because with this projector you can enjoy your favorite time non-stop for 3.5 hours with full HD projection. On the other hand, you can watch any content via direct connections like HDMI and USB, or wireless via WiFi or Bluetooth with these features.

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Pros & Cons – XGIMI Mogo Pro vs Nebula Capsule 2 Projector

XGIMI Mogo Pro


  • 1080P Full HD
  • Supported Dual WiFi
  • Best sound quality
  • Autofocus function
  • Built-in Chromecast
  • Not so noisy
  • 9.0 Android TV System


  • Amazon prime app unavailable

Nebula Capsule 2


  • Full HDMI sized
  • Can be charged on a power bank
  • USB C Type charging port
  • Easy for travel


  • Lens protection unavailable

FAQs about XGIMI Mogo Pro vs Nebula Capsule 2 Projector

Can a video be cast from iPhone or Mac? How do I do that?

Simply, go to Google Play Store and download Airplay apps, then you can Airplay your screen to Mogo Pro.

How do I use the auto-focus function?

Below the remote control, you get with the projector is a button option with auto-focus, turn it on and off when it’s done.

Which one should I take, XGIMI MOGO Pro vs Nebula Capsule 2?

Basically, these two projectors are in great demand in the market as mini portable projectors. If you are asked to choose between Nebula capsule 2 vs xgimi mogo pro, I will be asked to buy Xgimi Mogo Pro according to its best requirements and unique design.

Final Verdict

The last one will be advice for you when buying an Xgimi mogo pro vs nebula capsule 2 mini portable projector from the market. You must choose to check three key features: overall quality, brightness, and portability.

On the other hand, Mogo Pro is one of the brightest image projectors with 1080p resolution in the current market. Remember, buy a projector based on the size of the room and the seating. Choose a projector based on the installation – be it front or side. If you want to know the details of a better quality projector, please let us know in the comments. We will try our best.

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