Yaber Pro V7 vs V10 – Which one value the best?

There are many people who have a projector at home and it is important to know the difference between Yaber pro v7 vs v10. The Yaber pro v7 is more affordable but does not come with all of the features that you can get in the Yaber pro v7.

Yaber pro V7 vs V10 Projector

There are some advanced features that you will want to invest in for your own personal needs if you are looking for something better than what is offered by the Yaber V10. This blog entry will provide a comparison of both projectors so that potential buyers may make an informed decision about which one to buy!

Comparison Chart – Yaber pro V7 vs V10 Projector

SpecificationYaber Pro V7 ProjectorYaber V10 Projector


Yaber Pro V7 Review
Yaber V10 Review
Resolution1920 x 1080P1920 x 1080P
Brightness 9500 Lumen9500 Lumen
Contrast Ratio12000:112000:1
Dimension10 x 8 x 4 inch10.23 x 9.05 x 4.6 inches
Aspect ratio4:3/16:9/Auto4: 3/16: 9
Zoom Function50%50%
4k ResolutionSupportedSupported
Built-in speakersYesYes
Lamp Life120000 hours120000 hours
Screen Size50”-350”45-350″

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What are the Differences Between Yaber pro V7 vs V10 Projector

What are the Differences Between Yaber pro V7 vs V10 Projector


When it comes to design, the Yaber V10 is very sleek and modern-looking. It fits together nicely with its black finish that has a simple look. The Yaber pro v7 takes on more of an antique style that might not appeal to everyone’s taste. However, you will have to decide what style best fits your needs before purchasing this projector.

The Yaber pro V7 vs V10 are both very similar in terms of design. The main difference is that the v10 has a third more lens which can make it heavy and more bulky than the other model. Both projectors come with different keystone correction abilities, zoom capabilities, lens shift, manual focus capability, etc.


Both the Yaber pro v7 and V10 have a brightness of 9500 lumens. This is a fantastic feature that users will appreciate. The lumen rating of your projector determines how bright your images are at different screen sizes, so you want to get the highest value possible for this number.

Another difference between the Yaber pro v7 and v10 is that the V10 has a brightness of 4000 lumens while the original version only has 380 lumens. This means that it will be easier to see your screen in more challenging lighting conditions with the Yaber  v10.

The price tag on this projector is also higher but can still be afforded by most people if they are planning to use it for business or personal purposes. The Yaber pro v10 also has an Eco mode which can extend the life of your lamp which is great for those who want to save money on energy bills!

Keystone Correction

Another difference is that the Yaber pro v7 offers 6D Auto Keystone Correction & 4-Point Keystone Correction/4D±50°& 4D. You can only correct vertical distortions through manual adjustments.

The Yaber v10 does offer 4-point digital keystone correction is one of the most convenient features for those who need to project on surfaces at an angle. Keystone correction is important because it ensures that the image will be perfectly rectangular without any distortions.


Both of these projectors offer 1920×1080 resolutions, but the Yaber v10 also comes with an HD 3D-ready HDMI port and the original only has a regular HDMI port. The contrast ratio is also different as well, and the Yaber pro V7 and V10 offers over 20,000:1 while the original version only has 12000: 1.

Picture quality

The picture on the Yaber V10 vs Yaber pro v7 is pretty similar overall. There are some more options for different pre-sets on the Yaber pro v7 if you are looking for something simple to use right out of the box, but you can make some adjustments to your own personal settings with either projector.

The color accuracy is also slightly different between the two so you will want to compare models to ensure that you are getting exactly what you are looking for. Overall, neither of these Yaber projectors have amazing picture quality but they are great for everyday use and watching movies especially if they are used in a dark room!

Sound Quality

Both of these projectors have a built-in speaker that is not too powerful but still loud enough to fill a small room. If you want a better sound experience you will need to connect your projector to an external sound system whether it be surround sound speakers or a simple Bluetooth speaker.


The Yaber pro v10 also has more connection options than the Yaber pro v7. The Yaber v10 comes with an RS232 port, LAN port, AV in/out port while the other model only has one USB 2.0 input and no other connections options for things like speakers or other devices. For those who plan on using their projector for business purposes, this could be an important difference to keep in mind!

Easy Installation with Great Flexibility

The Yaber pro v7 vs v10 can both be easily installed in most settings, and offer great flexibility with the keystone correction feature. Even though the v10 is bigger and bulkier than its predecessor, it has a range of 40 inches to 300 inches which are perfect for home theaters and business presentations! Both projectors come with similar options for different resolutions, screen sizes, aspect ratios, etc. You may also consider Yaber Y30 vs Y31, Optoma UHD30 vs UHD50X, and Epson 2100 vs 2150.

FAQ About the Yaber pro V7 vs V10 Projector

How do I use the keystone function?

There are some buttons on the top and side of the projector that will allow you to make some fine adjustments.

Can I operate this projector through wireless internet?

Yes, it is possible with both the v7 and v10 models. If you have a wireless adapter, you may connect your computer to the projector. It is also possible to connect wirelessly through your laptop or phone using an app or Miracast from either Chromecast or Roku.

How much noise does this projector make when it’s on?

In general, both projectors are relatively quiet when in use and should not disturb those around you. The Yaber v10 has a slightly larger fan which can cause some noise but is nothing to be concerned about as it is still relatively quiet.

How much does this projector weigh?

Both projectors are relatively light, and the original version comes in at 3.7 pounds while the v10 weighs 4.07 pounds.

Which projector is right for you?

If you are looking for a decent-sized projector, don’t need 3D capabilities, and most importantly want to save some money compared to the latest model then the original Yaber is right for you! The v10 is great if you want more features such as Bluetooth or wireless streaming capabilities.

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Final Verdict

Overall, both the Yaber pro v7 vs v10 are great values for their price points. The Yaber V10 is simply an upgraded version of the original but it has more options in terms of connectivity and the way it can be used for different purposes.

The Yaber Pro V7 is a great option if you are looking for something simple to use but it also has keystone correction, so there is no need to worry about getting angles perfect!