Goodee YG420 Projector Review – Truly it’s worthy enough?

Goodee is a budget projector company with an affordable price tag. It has various features like 1080p resolution, 3D-ready, and HD connectivity. With the Goodee YG420 projector, you can watch your favorite movies in your living room or play video games on your TV without having to worry about eye strain.

GooDee YG420 Projector Review

Goodee yg420 projector is an affordable, reliable option for any home. It has a range of features that make it one of the most sought-after projectors on the market. Goodee projector makes use of LED technology to produce crisp images with clear colors and deep blacks.

There are many settings available to ensure you find the perfect picture quality, whether your needs are professional or personal. You can also adjust focus and zoom quickly thanks to its intuitive remote control design.

Noticeable features Goodee YG420 projector

  • Latest cooling system and a Hi-Fi stereo speaker
  • +80% Brightness & High-Resolution Experience with 4K UHD Vision Pro
  • 3D Motion Remaster & Low RGB Lighting to improve picture quality
  • 2 HDMI Ports for fast connectivity, 1 VGA port included as well
  • Native Resolution 1080P with Manual Focus and Zoom
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Comparison Between Goodee YG420 vs Elephas YG420 Projector

Goodee YG420 projectorElephas YG420 Projector
Goodee YG420 Projector Review
Elephas YG420 Projector
Full HD 1080P support for this projector, which supports the input of max 1920 * 1080.Native 720P support for this projector which supports the input of max 1920 * 1080.
6000 lumens of +80% Brightness, which can provide enough light for you to watch TV in a sunny living room.4500 Lumens of +50% Brightness, which can provide enough light for you to watch TV in a sunny living room.
YG420 projector offers extra speakers, the powerful two-speaker system built-in with SRS provides a fantastic listening experience.Elephas yg420 offers a Powerful 2-Speaker System, which can provide a fantastic listening experience.
It offers a 200″ big screen and a 50,000-hour lamp life.It also has a 44-200″ projection size, allowing you to view an incredibly detailed screen that is suited for your eyes.
Goddee YG420 projector offers a 5-Years warranty.Elephas yg420 offers a 2 Years service warranty.
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What are users saying about Goodee YG420 projector?

Users have given the projector a rating of 4 out of 5 stars on Amazon and feedback has been very positive so far. One user said he was very pleased with the product’s brightness and picture quality for its size, comments echoed by other users too.

Many people also commented how this projector is well built for such an affordable price tag, something which they felt would make this product even more popular.

Some users pointed out how the projector’s speakers are really quite powerful and that its fan isn’t annoyingly loud like some other projectors tend to be.

What are the Key Features of Goodee YG420 projector

What are Key Features of the Goodee YG420 projector

Picture Quality

Goodee YG420 projector has a native resolution of 1920 x 1080. This means it can reproduce the finest details in your picture to give you maximum clarity. Its high contrast ratio up to 50,000:1 further enhances this aspect by ensuring bright whites and deep blacks are always well defined.

Goodee Projector offers an impressive 80% brightness with a high contrast ratio of 50,000:1 and dynamic mega color. These features not only allow you to watch in ambient light but also give you a crystal-clear picture even when used outside with sunlight present.

YG420 projector is compatible with 3D content. If you have the right TVs and gaming consoles, it’s time to up the ante and enjoys movies and games like never before. With this projector, you can watch your favorite 3D content without having to worry about nausea or eye strain because of its large size.

Lamp Life and Maintenance

Goodee yg420  projector uses LED light technology, which makes it highly efficient and long-lasting. It doesn’t contain mercury, so there’s no need to worry about the environment when you dispose of it.

Because LED lamps don’t wear down or break easily and they can work for decades without requiring replacement. To enjoy a vivid, natural picture quality with high color saturation, Goodee yg420 projector requires at least 2,000 hours of lamp life.

Connectivity and Compatibility

YG420 Goodee projector has a variety of connectivity options for you to use. In addition to the two HDMI ports that allow you to connect it to your Blu-ray players, satellite boxes, and gaming consoles, there is a port for your laptop.

This means you have the flexibility to use your home theater projector for both work and play. You don’t need any external audio system or speakers with this projector because it has an in-built stereo sound system that uses 16 watts of power for deep bass and crystal clear treble.

Speaker & Cooling System

Goodee projector has built-in stereo 10W speakers with 16 watts of power. These are good enough for all your entertainment needs. This makes the lamp life of the projector last longer while also allowing it to be easily maintained.

The cooling system is assisted by air vents that allow cool air to flow throughout the unit while hot air is directed outside through its exhaust hole.

Easy to use, assemble and maintain

YG420 projector is easy to set up thanks to its intuitive remote control design. This means you’ll have it ready in minutes after unpacking it from the box. In addition, Goodee projector has a long-lasting lamp life which you can enjoy for years.

There is also no need to replace lamps frequently because it uses LED technology which makes the projectors more efficient and cost-effective.

Furthermore, this projector has been designed with you in mind. This means you get an intuitive remote control that makes navigating its menus an effortless task.


Goodee projector is designed with the environment in mind. This is because it uses eco-friendly lamps that are mercury-free and don’t cause any harm to nature. the layout of its chassis allows for better airflow all through the unit which also ensures it can operate under high temperatures without deteriorating or breaking down.


GooDee provides a 5-year warranty on this projector. For the first three months, you may return or replace your purchase for a full refund or another product if you’re unhappy.

Disadvantages Goodee YG420 projector

Although this projector is not too expensive, it still uses a lamp for light. Therefore you will need to replace the bulb every 1,000 hours or so to maintain image quality.

The Goodee YG420 Projector only has one speaker, which means that if you are using this in your home theatre room, you should connect it to external speakers.

Do not use high altitude in this projector, which can be up to 8000 feet above sea level. Use caution when handling the modules of the YG420 projector. Do not touch or press too hard on these parts since it can damage them.

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FAQ Goodee YG420 projector

Is this product compatible with a 220-voltage system?

No, it is not compatible with a 220-voltage system. This means you cannot use it in Europe without an adapter. Also, this projector only works at 100 to 240 volts.

Can I get a replacement lamp?

Yes, you can order a replacement lamp for the Goodee projector on Amazon just search after the model number or type in the search bar.

Where is this projector manufactured?

This product is manufactured in China.

How can I connect my iPhone or iPad to the projector?

You can connect your phone or tablet to the projector with either an HDMI or wireless adapter. You can purchase this online or at any electronic store.

Is it possible for me to connect my gaming consoles to it?

Yes, you can connect your gaming console to this projector with an HDMI or RCA cable.

Can I use the Goodee yg420 as a TV?

No, this is for projecting only. There are other projectors you can use in conjunction with a TV unit (if space permits) to extend your TV’s viewing capabilities.

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Final Verdict

Goodee yg420 projector is a really great buy and I highly recommend it. It is an entry-level projector for beginners and its price tag makes it all the more appealing to people who want value for their money.